Although, that’s what you were expecting, wasn’t it? :-P

No, no, today I am going to yak once again about my excitement about the upcoming Blizzcon. 

1.  If you are a blogger, and are planning on writing ANYTHING Blizzcon related, please make sure you go to the BA Shared Topic Forum and link your post there!  Blizzcon week’s Shared Topic will be a bumper collection of all things Blizzcon from around the blogosphere!

2.  Unlike Matt and co., I do not have awesome T-Shirts.  While I would go batshit crazy over a T-Shirt with a T5 decked Sar peeing in a moonwell, I just don’t have the wherewithal or the artistic ability to get something like that organised.  So, instead, I am going to give you guys an incentive to track me down at the con!  If you happen to read me and are heading there, and find me on the convention floor, I will give you a cookie.  Or a small prize of some description.  I’ll be putting hints in my posts over the next few days so you at least have some vague idea of what I will look like… but hey, you guys have all seen me before.  You know what I look like!  The first person to find me gets the super-dooper prize… everyone else gets the mediocre ‘Sar is poor and can’t afford good stuff’ prize.  If no one finds me at all, well, I get to keep the prize!  Seriously though, how hard is it to spot a Pig-Tail Wearing Warlock of Mass Destruction?

(and no, spotting me at the TNB meetup does not count at all.  I’ll be wearing a name badge for frick’s sake…)

3.  Can I just say… ‘SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!’ (again)

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  1. Peeing in a MOONWELL? The hell Sar? :P

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