Now, I am no screenwriter… but when Halophoenix from Azeroth Here And Now suggested a Shared Topic about the WoW movie, well, I just couldn’t resist.

We all know WoW has some epic storylines… whether it be Horde or Alliance side, or the massive clash between the two, there is a plethora of stories to choose from.  But have you all considered how much more entertaining it would be if it was about – Me!

Quite frankly, we all know that I am the best thing about WoW.  I am most certainly the most awesome thing to be found in the game.  And the epic adventures I have had!  Just imagine….

A lone Warlock, struggling through Serpentshrine Cavern… she skulks through the place, when she is suddenly beset by ferocious Murlocs, with a conscience to match her own.  She delves deep within her inner powers, finds that dark, twisted part of her soul, and calls upon it to fight off the gurgling creatures.  As she throws dark shadows around her, the Murlocs scream, thirsting for her blood.  They claw at her face as she destroys them, eating away at their very souls from the inside out.   Slowly, one by one, they fall.  The Warlock is bloodied and bruised, but she smiles with grim satisfaction as she rifles through the burnt bodies, looking for treasures… or hell, maybe even a snack.

The fact that I happened to have a tank and a healer with me at the time is completely irrelevant, OK?

There would even be comedic relief – the audience would cackle mirthfully as she battled Mages, watching her confused expression as she took what seemed like the toughest time to beat them down.  After having a post Mage pwning snack, she reaches over to her back to clean her weapon… and discovers that it’s a fishing pole.  Giggling mirthfully, she takes a long relaxing soak in the nearest moonwell as she thinks about her latest method of killing Mages.

And romance!  Boy oh boy is there romance… and not any romance, but even the forbidden love variety!  Pursued by all sorts of lowly beings, she is accustomed to throwing suitors off left right and centre.  But, one day… a lowly Mage somehow manages to interest her for just a moment.  Tantalised by the forbidden nature of the relationship (not to mention the fact that when he annoys her, she can just sic her Felhunter on him!), she explores a new world of unequal love…

Personally, I like the first part of the movie the best.  Who needs Arthas when you have the epic tale of Saresa?

This has been brought to you courtesy of another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic!

4 Responses to “Shared Topic: What would a WoW Movie Be About?”
  1. I’ve read the blog, I really want to watch the film! You will need to have creative control, though, and definitely include that dream sequence of the Tauren finding Saresa picking flowers.

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  2. Hehehe, that is still one of my favourite posts!

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  3. I LOVE this idea. ;)

    /fans self – I could totally pay to see a movie like this, be completely enthralled, and walk out wondering, “Who was that warlock? Will I see more of her? I wonder if I can get a movie poster with her on it…”

    You very well may have spawned a fan, here. Destructive and romantic…and then presumably destructive again. I love it!
    .-= phoenix´s last blog ..Onyxia’s Back, With a Vengeance =-.

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  4. Do yo know if the movie is supposed to be with live actors as opposed to CGI? I’m really hoping that Blizzard does their amazing CGI work to make the movie (like the final fantasy movies) instead of trying to do some live action crap.

    And of course any movie about you would be absolutely delightful =)
    .-= Xeonio´s last blog ..Revamping the Past =-.

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