So, I am writing, not from my comfy lounge room in the middle of the desert, but from a hotel room in ‘Sunny’ Anaheim, California.  Sunny, of course, is a curious adjective describing the smog laden state they seem to live in around these parts. 

I had full intentions of blogging during my time here, but I have just been too busy, too lazy, and far too… well, everything to blog.  I assumed that you all should have gotten enough updates from the rest of the blogosphere, and I tweeted like crazy while I was at the ‘con.  Instead, I have been spending some time with guildies, with fellow bloggers (one of whom shamelessly attempted to get me intoxicated… thankfully Warlocks have a superior ability to hold their liquor), and with possibly the world’s whiniest Mage.  Yes, yes…. I spent a week with a Mage.  Crazy, huh?

So, tomorrow the Mage and I are headed off to Disneyland with one of the Mage’s friends… since the Mage is fire, I can be thankful that the friend isn’t one of those annoying Water Elemental things.  Although, then again, I could banish it if it got on my nerves.  Then we will be off to the beach where I will scare off all other beach goers thanks to my swimsuit provided Real Life Fear.

So, what have been the highlights of my trip so far?

Being picked up by an angry Mage at the airport (after causing him to get a ticket… Warlocks can pwn Mages without even being near them!)

Meeting my awesome guildies

Blizzcon, of course (where I got to hang out with great people like Fimlys, Tigorasou and Hydra)

The TNB meetup

Hanging out with a heap of bloggers again the night after Blizzcon

Spending a day with an unfortunate guildie whose flight got rescheduled – sucked for him, but it was a good day and we had some awesome food

Spending time with the whiny Mage…. and mocking him mercilessly about Mages sucking!

Dinner at the very un-Australian Outback with Matticus and his friends… I do believe they didn’t have a single Australian dish on the menu!

And, things which were not so awesome…

Running out of socks

Del Taco (what the fricking hell is wrong with you crazy Americans?!?!)

Sore feet

Trying to avoid sunburn

Sitting for 30 minutes at a panel, just to find it was a ‘replay’

Missing the meetup… and a certain very drunk Dwarf with their head in the toilet!

9 Responses to “My Hell – A Week Living With A Mage”
  1. pfft. don’t be so upset that our pets are cooler than yours :D

    sounds like you had a great trip!
    .-= krizzlybear´s last blog ..Just Write it, Dammit! =-.

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  2. Didn’t you hear? Smog is the new sun :D

    And I apologize for the restaurants on behalf of California <3 Isn't it sad that there are people who think Outback is actually Australian? They just have an Australian guy on the commercial, sillies. Oh and Del Taco? Yeah I've never met someone who liked that place. I think it takes another breed of human. :x

    So while I'm pissy about not getting to meet you, I'm glad you had fun for the con and with my Tigor~ Sorry about the whole hell thing. <3

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  3. What, no bloomin’ onions?! Actually, I’m not really sure what Australian food is, aside from Vegemite.
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Cataclysm: Your Warlock and You – The New Races =-.

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  4. It was great to meet you! My only regret was not being able to talk with ya more… we were usually too many seats away from each other :P
    .-= Syrana´s last blog ..BlizzCon 2009 – Wrap Up & Review Part 2: Loot =-.

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  5. HA HA HA… Del Taco. Classic. *tear* Me and of the taco go way back.
    .-= Fulguralis´s last blog ..Website Updates/I’m Lazy =-.

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  6. Del Toco is not real food. It is Mexican influenced fast food. Should not be confused with real Mexican food.

    As for Outback the best thing there is the Walibidarn (sp) which is a alcoholic drink that you can chain drink.

    It was fantastic seeing you!
    .-= hydra´s last blog ..TNB Live Round Table Tonight =-.

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  7. Warlocks are auwful
    Mages are auwsome.
    (those are “austrian” accents)

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  8. Mages rule…but yeah we do QQ alot.
    .-= Rivs´s last blog ..Project Gender Bender: Levels 1-6 =-.

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  9. Del Taco is disgusting.. so is Taco Vapor and any of those other small-time west coast mexican food places. Blegh. In and Out Burger ftw, though!
    .-= Abi´s last blog ..Heirloom Items VS Best-in-slot for Twinking the 19s Bracket. =-.

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