Well, I decided to go with the transfer after all.  Now Nagrand is stuck with my noobish butt!  Muahahaha!  Jokes aside, I am hoping that this works out for the best… I got accepted into the guild I applied to, which is just fantastic (although it’s going to look REALLY bad that I can’t make the first weekend of raiding, since my Mum is coming out to visit), and it seems like a fairly nice server to be on.  One thing which is going to take some adjustment is being on at the same time as all the kids when they get home from school – I am really not used to that.  I’m still spending quite a bit of time on Cenarius though (with a certain someone keeping me logging in there… and everyone else I know on server as well), and my wee Druid is 79.6 as I type this.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get her out and level her up some. 

Blog updates have been slim pickings as I have been working frantically on writing school reports, programs, and all sorts of other school related stuffs.  I tell you, it’s a bloody good thing I like writing!  However, I am getting more in game time again, and I will be able to update you all with the latest of my noobish adventures.

Signing off, no longer as Sar of Cenarius, but as Sar of Nagrand!  It’s trippy I tell ya… trippy indeed.

3 Responses to “Short n Sweet… Somewhat Like A Gnome Rolling In Honey”
  1. Just a very brief comment to wish you good luck – I hope all goes well on the new server. I look forward to reading of your adventures. (Sorry, this is probably the winner of some kind of Dullest Comment Ever award but I’m enjoying your blog, and it feels ill-mannered, somehow, to read without saying anything).

    Tamarinds last blog post..casual hardcore

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  2. Welcome to the Oceanic servers Sar. I have an alt or 2 on Nagrand. Might see you there some time when Dath’Remar is down. Kolan

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  3. Witty post title writing FTW. ;-)

    Leafys last blog post..A Naxx WTF?

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