Deconstructing is a word that, frankly, I hear a hell of a lot of.  As an English teacher, I am forever harping at the kidlets (“You call THAT deconstructing??”) about deconstructing all manner of things.  However, this week the ever delightful Spinks has suggested that we deconstruct our own favourite quest.

Now, we all know I don’t really quest.  As in… I pick up a quest.  I look at it.  I abandon it in utter frustration because it is too hard, too boring, too far away, or I just don’t like the sound of it.  However, there are a couple of awesome quests which stick in my mind.  The Wrathgate chain clearly is a standout, as is the Dreadsteed chain, and that other awesome Warlock chain


The best quest.

The quest of ALL quests.

You know the one.

Mmmm…. Amberseeds!

This quest raises so many questions.  Why do they keep the Amberseeds there?  HOW many people have eaten those Amberseeds?  Does the Health Department know about these seeds?

Most importantly….

Who has to clean the bloody toilet?  THAT would be a nasty job!

3 Responses to “Deconstructing, Reconstructing, Whatconstructing?”
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  3. HA! Sarcasm! No questing, seriously??!? How do you level, do you just do instances all the time?

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