So, I know that these numbers may not seem like a lot to many people.  I have seen people beat this time and time again, but for me it was a pretty impressive indicator of what I am capable of after all, and what I can achieve (providing things go well… like my internet not totally crapping its pants). 

I ventured into Ulduar25 with the new guild on Sunday night.  I was kinda laggy for the most part, and I have really only set foot in the raid itself once or twice, so it was a bit of an iffy experience in the first place.  However, once I settled into a rhythm and found my stride, things started to work really well.  I was generally on the cusp of being in the top 5 on a number of fights (I was 6th SO often!) but there was one minor fight where I truly impressed myself.

Usually I hover around the 4k DPS mark.  It’s not spectacular, it’s not bad, it’s just eh.  Kinda adequate, nothing more or less.  However, on one of Freya’s tree dude things (y’know, the guys who drop badges) I managed to pull off a smidge over 5k DPS.  5130DPS to be precise.  Not bad if I do say so myself!

I’m not 100% sure what changed.  Maybe I was lagging less.  Maybe it was that I have decided to ditch the Soul Fires for a while and see how that goes (they just don’t crit enough for my liking, and when they don’t crit they are kinda lame).  However, I jumped up to 3rd on that fight, top of all the Warlocks and only beaten by 2 Hunters.

So, the new rotation is something like this:

CoD, Immolate, Incin my little heart out, Conflag, Chaos Bolt, rinse and repeat.  I don’t like to Conflag early, even though I did end up glyphing for it, because it throws the bloody timer all out of whack.  However, since I no longer Soul Fire, I might give it a go… I think I might see an increase out of it once I am used to it.

I was excited, anyway :-)

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  1. My best rotation results to this point have been from managing priorities (in descending order): (a) keeping up CoD, (b) keeping up Immolate without clipping, (c) cast Conflagrate if it’s not on cooldown, else (d) cast Chaos Bolt if it’s not on cooldown, else (e) cast Incinerate. I can’t see your spec (armory’s down), but that’s my deep destro rotation – fairly cookie cutter, admittedly. I’ve never had Soul Fire as part of my rotation, but that’s mainly because there’s no way I could farm the shards to use it regularly.

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  2. As Kahleena said, the max dps for a deep destro spec is based on this priority: COD (with one minute or more left on a fight, otherwise CoA) > Immolate > Conflagrate > Chaos Bolt > Incinerate. Trying to use any other spell than those is a net dps loss. If you really want to maximize your dps, then start off with a cast sequence macro with CoD, Immolate, Conflagrate, Chaos Bolt and then start casting incinerates. Refresh what you need as you need it, keeping the priority in mind. Practice for awhile on a test dummy until you are comfortable with it for a couple minutes or so. Even as a diehard affliction warlock I managed to get a feel for it after only thirty minutes or so; but I am and always will be affliction and my 5.2k+ dps isn’t too shabby either.

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  3. I generally find that I am not a stickler for ‘top DPS rotations’ – I play a rotation that I enjoy, and that is that :-). Of course, I do like nice DPS… but I often find that the top rotations also often don’t work out to be the best for everyone in real situations. However, I am flexible and willing to try things! If I don’t find the rotation ‘fun’ though, I wont use it. The reason I used Soul Fire so often was that it was ‘fun’ having an extra button to push, and it *sometimes* does increase your DPS (depending on how lucky you get with crits).

    Oh… and I don’t do cast sequence macros. See above about fun lol… I like pushing buttons! I know they are ‘smart’ and ‘good’ and all those other things that I should be doing… but, where’s the fun in reducing things to a button press? :-)

    (Basically, this comment is saying, while you guys a correct, I am a stubborn old mule who enjoys playing my own way, not the way someone has worked out off a spreadsheet or a program lol)

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  4. I don’t do cast sequence macros either, for two reasons. First reason is as you say – juggling four or five buttons is more fun than juggling one (which is why I preferred pre-3.1 affliction, for all that it sometimes broke my brain, to pre-3.0 shadowbolt spam.) The second reason is, our ideal rotations/specs seem to change from patch to patch. I consider it helpful training for me to always have to know what I want to cast, and actually find the button for it. It may, in one case, cause a short-term DPS loss, but it makes for easier transitions when I need to change my spec or rotation. Particularly when, as was the case with pre-3.1 affliction, a cast sequence macro wasn’t (as far as I was aware) really an option.

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  5. Grats on the dps! One of the things I enjoy most about playing World of Warcraft is when I challenge myself and get good results. I really get nervous when I do an instance/ raid that I am not so familiar with so when I do well, I’m a happy camper!

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