So, after a week or two of what was essentially Radio Silence from Sar-land (issues with Telstra, surprise surprise, they managed to bork my internet without even being my ISP!), I come back with a totally Warlock-irrelevant, emotionally charged angry rant.  But, hey, you guys should totally expect that now, right?

Blizzard have announced that in 3.2-orwhateverthedamnpatchnameis Conquest badges will be dropping like a hooker’s panties.  Do Naxx?  Get Conquest badges!  Do heroics?  Get Conquest badges!  Of course, these will be tradable for the other various forms of badge, but essentially you can get the best form of badge for the least amount of work.

There has been discussion of this here there and everywhere.  Some people like it, some people don’t.  I put myself firmly in the ‘For heaven’s sake Blizzard, what WERE you thinking?!?!’ camp.  How bloody ridiculous.  And no, this isn’t a ‘they are making the game too easy for the casuals!’ rant.  This is a ‘lets devalue the value of badges and gear’ rant.

I thought that it was a fricking fantastic idea that Wrath saw the introduction of different levels of badges.   5 mans, entry level raiding, and end game raiding are not equal to each other.  Each level is progressively more difficult, and should be recognised as such.  Having different types of badges should allow for this, but by basically wiping the other two types out of existence, the whole system and idea of this is gone.

Now, I am not one to bitch (well, I am…) without offering some suggestion as to what would be a better way of doing things.  So, well…. here goes nothing!

1.  Eliminate the difference between 10 and 25 man raiding badge wise

While it is impossible in reality to make 10 man and 25 man raiding equally difficult across the board, both levels of raiding are as hard as each other over all (in my humble opinion).  Why should you get a lesser form of badge for 10 man Naxx than 25?  It’s ludicrous!  10 man and 25 man raids should receive equivalent badges.

2.  Attach the badge types to the appropriate raid/instance level

Badges should drop as follows

Heroic Instances:  Emblem of Heroism

Naxx/OS/Malygos/VoA: Emblem of Valor

Ulduar: Emblem of Conquest.

I think that doing this would mean people are able to get content appropriate badges, which would be tradable for content level gear (see below).  You do NOT need gear that is vastly better than what drops where you are currently running.

3.  Make the bloody gear commensurate with the content level it drops from! (that includes improving the quality of badge gear where appropriate)

If people want to only do 5 mans, that’s fine.  They will NEVER need the sort of gear that is obtainable with Conquest badges.  The people who do only do these may cry ‘But why can’t we get shiny loots too?’  My answer: because you don’t ever fricking need it!  If you want to stick at that content level, that is just fine.  Peachy even!  Do what the hell you want, but for heavens sakes, make the damn gear you get out of it appropriate!  You don’t need to massively overpower the content.  Same thing goes for Naxx etc.

One thing I remember happening in BC was the massive Kara farms.  Let’s go spend a couple hours in Kara, grind out 21 badges, do that for a few weeks, and get ourselves some T6 quality loot!  Then we will barely need to even set foot in the T5 content… we can just skip over most of it!  When they announced the new gear that was obtainable with badges, I (along with masses of other people) spent weeks before hand grinding away at heroics and Kara to be able to kit myself out as soon as the gear was available.  Sure, that won’t be able to be done now, but the principle is still the same.  I can foresee a lot of ‘lolKara Farm Nights’ in the future.  Frustrating for people who are tired of the content, and equally frustrating for guilds who are still running it and have to hear people bitching about ’EZ mode lolKara that we clear in 2 hours just for badges’.

If you decide you want to raid a higher level of content than what you do now, that’s fine as well.  But you have to do it the honest way, the way it was intended to be done, and work your way through the content to progress to that level.  Why should you be rewarded with gear which is far greater than anything available from the content level you are currently doing?  That just devalues the gear and frustrates a great deal of the player base.  Sure, it ‘might not hurt the raiders’ to have other people have the same phat loots.  It isn’t fair though to have some people work hard on difficult content, just to have others get equal gear. All it does is make people raid content they don’t particularly want to raid, and cause even more tension between the ‘casual’ and the ‘hardcore’ players.

/end rant

P.S. – perhaps make Emblems of Heroism/Valor Bind on Account?  That might keep everyone happy, AND be practical!  You are essentially making the damn things worthless anyway!

edit P.P.S – So, I managed to miss that there is a new type of badge coming out.  However, I don’t think this makes my original point invalid.   All forms of content should be rewarded appropriately, not just ‘OK, we have decided this is obsolete, so new badges!!’  THAT makes no sense.

15 Responses to “Badge Changes Can Bite My Butt”
  1. If they made emblems of valor BoA that would be fantastic. I’d be all over that in a heartbeat. Would accomplish the same thing for me as the planned changes really since my main is most likely as geared as I’m going to get her as far as tank gear goes, but my alts still need lovin’.

    If they made 10-man Naxx/EoE/OS give valor emblems as well like you suggest that would be fine too. :) Conquest badges? Meh. They give shiny upgrades, but like you said I really don’t need them for the content I’m doing. Though they would make getting the crafted ulduar pieces easier, but again I don’t really neeeeeeeed those.

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  2. We were discussing this last night during our Ulduar raid… and we think it may just be a PTR thing so people can get that gear and run the new raids for testing… we are honestly skeptical if it will ever go live.

    If it does… well, my rogue will benefit. Being an alt, I dont get to run Ulduar with her, but I wont connive at improving her gear so that when the chance does come, I’m as well prepared as I can be.

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  3. [...] about the badge change are very strong, e.g. over at Destructive Reach. There are people who immediately say ‘Hell yeah!’, and those are most often people on [...]

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  4. I should note that EoH will not be completely worthless in 3.2. You can actually buy epic gems with them. As for my opinion about the rest, I posted to my own blog. :)

    Kadomis last blog post..Ulduar Take 2

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  5. I agree. Its too much too soon in my opinion. I think I would be ok with it if they just merged heroism and valor but I have a real issue with conquest dropping from heroics. Gear should be something you have to work for a little bit not just handed out on a plate.

    Erinyss last blog post..New patch, new tears

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  6. The thing that totally baffles me is the whole ‘casuals want access to BiS or close to as well’. My argument is people don’t need the best gear in the game if they aren’t intending to raid that content. If you are casual and want to ‘hop into’ Ulduar once in a while, well, that’s great for you and your guild, but don’t expect to get through the place as fast as a progression guild. It takes time to gear people up, and you might not have access to that time (which is fine), but it’s hardly fair that you get get gear from doing fast easy things and blitz through harder content. There is NOTHING wrong with having the gear that is best suited to your content!

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  7. @kadomi and I acknowledge that Heroism gets gems… but that’s about it. People will just cash in their easy to grab Conquest badges for Heroism when they need them, and won’t ever need them otherwise. Why not just make everything buyable with Conquest badges?? It’s essentially the same thing!

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  8. “The thing that totally baffles me is the whole ‘casuals want access to BiS or close to as well’”

    Should just have Rhonin mail out BiS in his magically wrapped gift. It rather equals the same thing.

    Erinyss last blog post..New patch, new tears

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  9. There is no reeason to not like this change.

    The argument that people who can only do 5 mand don’t need raid gear is ridiculous. What if they want to join a PUG for current raid gear every so often?

    With the current system they’d be stuck trying to get into Naxx PUGs which nboody is running because Ulduar PUGs are the new hotness. And nobody is going to bring in a Heroic geared player into Ulduar (def not an Uldaur PUG).

    So people not in raiding guilds are stuck until newer 5 man content comes out, but they have to wait almsot a full year for new stuff which may or may not even get them gear which would allow to PUG current content.

    You also forget that the few items that can be purchased through badges (not even a full set) does not discredit the numreous other items obtainable from Current Content that are upgrades over badge gear.

    You won’t be seeing people “purchasing” weapons, or other upgrades and definately not BiS.

    They are also only able to purchase gear a tier behind progressions raiders. Months after you’ve already purchased or won the same items.

    Anyone disliking this idea is doing so out of pure elitism, and hurt egos for only being 10% better geared rather than 25%.

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  10. I am in total agreement with you. This change will benefit me as I only run 10man Uldar but I think that we should not be able to get the top badge in Heroics or Naxx.
    The new tier system was great, why change it now? Naxx is easy to pug, I even see Uldar pugs on the server so if people want the badges they are available.

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  11. At 1st glance I was excited about this, but two things have occurred to me since.
    1) My mates have already basically said “we might as well stop until the patch, otherwise we are wasting energy”, and
    2) As a casual this seems great… but if I am only generating 10 badges a week anyway, what will happen is pugs will be assuming everyone is geared out in the best an emblem can buy… and I will still be trucking around in my old EoH gear.

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Murloc Mondays

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  12. While Uldaur 25 PUGs do happen, how far do they actually get?

    Flame leviathen for sure but then maybe 1-2 other bosses if you’re lucky….and we all know that pretty much every PUG will end badly after FL. Thats many weeks to get even the cheapest item from badge gear (neck piece), which may not even be an upgrade.

    Yeah, the current system works great.

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  13. Dozenz, my issue with people wanting to PuG raids every so often for raid gear is that it just doesn’t succeed anyway. Sure, you can PuG Naxx and succeed, you can do the same with VoA and OS… but you shouldn’t be able to with other content. Raids are supposed to be difficult enough that PuGs are not going to succeed. If PuGs can get geared up in a raid, it is too easy.

    If you want to PuG raids on a regular basis, join a guild which raids. If you want to raid once a blue moon, you just have to deal with the fact that it’s going to be bloody difficult getting into a group. Regardless of gear, if I had the option between someone who raided frequently and the occasional pugger, I’d take the frequent raider any day of the week. I have yet to see a guild resort to taking a random pug to a raid. The risk of them not knowing the fights, not being able to stick around, and them being an asshat in general is just too great. If you do get into an Ulduar or equivalent raid by some chance, you are bloody dreaming if you think you will have a half decent chance at loot!

    Sound elitist? Probably. Remember I don’t exactly come from a full on, hardcore raiding background. When I was in a casual guild, I was happy with having the gear I needed at the time. When I wanted to raid more content, I transferred to a semi-casual raiding guild. Sure, I have been ‘pugged’ into Ulduar… by my old guild, who hit me up when they need an extra. However, this isn’t a frequent thing I have seen happen on any server. The whole argument is just moot.

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  14. Oh I agree that if you want to get into regular Ulduar raids you should join at the very least a casual raiding guild. And I also agree that it will not be easy to gear up, but, that option should still be available. At the rate of new content being released, people not in a raiding guild fall quickly behind and eventually come to a point where they would not even be allowed to get into a group because their gear is low in content.

    The bagde gear becoming easier to access allows them to at least gear up certain slots so that they won’t be dragging the raid down.

    Someone who only can only gear up on Heroism tokens and eventually BoE crafts, will not be going into the new 3.2 raid at all…and will most likely not be going into Uldar at all. Naxx he is geared appropriately to enter, but Naxx PUGs are fewer and fewer, and most who do it want only to farm it easy mode, meaning no “naxx appropriate” geared people since they don’t want to possibly wiope, hit a gear check wall (Patchwerk, Thaddius) or take 3 hours for a run.

    Another benefit of 3.2 will be an increase in Naxx groups.

    And also the casuals who do not raid will also gear up slowly. Tokens become more ascesible but that doesn’t mean that casuals will all of a sudden be doing non-stop heroics 24/7 since thats not what they do. It will take them time to do it. The ones who will be gearing up on token gear on patch week will be the raiders…

    Don’t forget that the badge gear will also help people who return to the game, and don’t want to hold their guild back by getting into progression (if the guild would evne allow it) and who also don’t want to drag the guild back a few tiers.

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