I was beginning to write this all in a comment as a response to your comments on the last post (which were all fantastic by the way, and I thank you all from the bottom of my blackened heart that you read this… even if some of you may not anymore).  However, I was talking for WAY too long, and I thought it might just be easier to knock this over as a post while my internet is cooperating and life is good.  So, as you read, keep in mind this is basically a glorified comment on the last post, which can be found here, and which some people have interpreted to be directly related to my badge post, which can be found here.  Hell, I may as well publish it as a series, and say “Sar rants and raves about shit being too easy and badges being handed out like candy and RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!!”

The thing is, I really don’t care that people get their shinies.  I’ve said it in the past, and I’ll say it again – loot is just bloody loot.  Sure, I’ll drool over a piece here or there.  I’ll feel a little sad when someone else beats me on something I really really want.  But, eh, it’s just loot, and clothes do not make the man (to a certain extent, but we will touch on that later). Not to mention, this post was not even about badges, it was merely inspired by some comments I have seen justifying the badge change.  As a quick reminder, although it is irrelevant here, I do not like the badge changes because:

1.  It makes no logical sense to be rewarded in heroics with Conquest badges.  I have seen so many better ideas around (a logical trade up system was one good one… where is the logic in a 1:1 ratio?)  Imagine what people would say if ‘Naxx bosses now have a 10% chance to drop a piece of Ulduar quality gear’.’  I can guarantee the level of QQ would be much higher than it is here.

2.  I giggle in absolute mirth when people say this will make getting Naxx runs easier, especially for new characters/undergeared alts.  Seems we all forget the Kara farm days of "LFM for Kara.  Must be in full epics/have over 1000DPS".  Sorry, your newly levelled alt isn’t going to be getting Naxx runs unless they are guild runs.

3.  Seeing the content is fine.  The big end of BC nerf helped my guild at that time a LOT… we went from 3/5 and 4/9 to into Sunwell.  In my opinion, that was kinda a nice way to do it – I know at the time it felt a bit over nerfed, but it did help people see content.  People were happy with that too – sure, some people still might not have made it into Sunwell, but they were happy to make the next jump.  It was a fun, giggle filled time, just like going to the circus.  However, nerfs/things to make life easier/etc should happen at an appropriate time.  Many people feel that this will be too early.   Fair enough, Blizz wants all the playerbase to see content.  I am down with that.  However, does it mean we all need to keep well within range of each other at all times?

4.  For me, the best part of seeing new content is a) the work it takes to get there, and b) the challenge of getting there.  Handing out badges likes this removes challenge.  I remember it making life a lot simpler when I saved up my many hundreds of badges (easily obtained through a daily heroic and a weekly Kara run) and got myself significant upgrades from the new vendor as soon as it was unlocked.  As the rest of my guild did the exact same thing, we suddenly downed a couple of previously tough bosses like rolls of squishy toilet paper.  I felt robbed of a big chunk of progression.  We didn’t win because we could play any better.  We won solely based on gear.  Where’s the fun in that?

5.  Elleiras (although she disagrees with me in the end) raises an interesting point.  Many people are claiming the gear one can equip off badges will not be comparable to the current BiS.  Elleiras, being much more logical minded than I am, does a direct comparison.  Her post in its entirety is well worth a read.

6.  Another thing which makes me giggle is the hypocrisy between valuing gear as a hardcore player and valuing it as a casual.  It is the ultimate in heinous evilness to value gear for the sake of gear as a hardcore player.  Admit it, most of us think this is true… hell, this is what people are firing back at me for thinking the badge changes are whack! You just don’t want anyone to have your gear!  Your gear makes you think you are special!  etc etc.  Well, we can say that’s unacceptable… but we can’t then go and say this is fine for the casuals. (Quoted, again, from Elleiras) “My mom has no desire whatsoever to raid, but she still gushes over each new epic because obtaining it was an achievement in and of itself".  Now, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing that Elleiras’ Mum feels that way… but how can we simultaneously applaud it in the ‘casual’ player base and decry it in the ‘hardcore’?

OK, so there’s my 2c on badges right there.  I don’t think ANY of those reasons relates to ‘OMG Noobs getting shinies!!’  Hell, it’s not like I am the best geared Warlock out there and have nothing better to do than bitch that ‘everyone else is getting what I got, but they are getting it more easily!’  I just think this is way too much, too soon.

Now, on to responding to my last, actual post.

OK, so I may have slightly understated the difficulty of Ulduar.  Natch, 1 point to you guys in the stands right there.  However, Ulduar being difficult does not mean that the game itself is not easy.  However, the rest of the game was horrifically undertuned, and that was a HUGE mistake which in effect makes the game, wait for it, too bloody easy!

Not everyone wants to raid.  The game is way too easy for those of us who do not raid.  Who would be happy doing the occasional 10man, but mainly hanging around in heroics and doing other odds and ends.  My old guild here is a case in point.  These are the people Blizz is (in my opinion) aiming the game at and changing the game for: the small guild that generally only has a handful of people on.  The guild who may have the numbers online for a raid, but not the right classes.  The casual players who still want to play a lot but just aren’t that in to progression raiding… hell, who treat raiding as casually as the rest of the game.  These were the guilds that were hit HARDEST by this sort of thing.  First they hit 80, after a fun whirlwind ride of levelling.  Huzzah!  Then, they venture into Heroics… and are sorely dismayed.  This is where I saw a lot of my old guildies saying ‘I’m taking a break, the game is too easy now, it’s not fun anymore, and I miss my trapping!’

How is making loot more accessible going to help this part of the player base?  Not to mention, according to statistics and what people say, it is actually a HUGE part!  They are saying the game is too straight forward for them.  They are saying ‘Blizz, we don’t want to raid, but we would LOVE something challenging’.  So, we give them better gear?  Is this meant to make them get into raiding?  If you are the ‘supremo casual’ who doesn’t want to raid, well… you’ll get a little pleasure out of getting something nice and shiny.  Hell, we all do.  Then you’ll do more DPS, down things even more quickly… and be bored again.  Making things EASIER is not a good response to undertuning the game in the first place.

If you REALLY want to give out Emblems of Conquest in 5mans, well, that’s cool I guess.  But, if you are doing that, un-nerf (is there such a thing?) the content.  Tune it to be just a little more difficult.  Sure, people will whine at first, because we get scared when we can’t do things like we used to be able to.  But you might lure back some of those “I miss CC, so I am taking a break’ people.

Now, unless someone comments and inspires me otherwise… I think this might actually be my final say on the matter.  Yay!  Now I can get back to benting my rage at my incompetent phone company/ISP/whoever keeps breaking my internet!

5 Responses to “An Expected Forced Response”
  1. i agree with you 200%.
    it’s the work you have to do to get there. it can become easy mode someday, like when they nerf raid bosses pre-wotlk. but i think doing it at 3.2 is too soon.
    .-= thelyse´s last blog ..the grass is greener =-.

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  2. As one of the casuals, I’m happy for the change. But the only thing that will come easier from it I’m excited for are all the people I know who tell me “Yeah, when emblems change over heroics will look a lot more appealing to me again!” It means that, for me as someone who much prefers 5mans and the occasional 10man raid, I’ll actually have people to group with again for the things I enjoy.
    .-= elfennau´s last blog ..Epic Flightform =-.

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  3. That last bit at the end is what I wish would happen. I liked that in BC you could still have a rough time in a 5man regardless of where you were at in raid progression. It was a big failing in this expansion that 5mans were so massively undertuned.
    .-= two nation army´s last blog ..Need is a strong word… and a strange one =-.

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  4. For what it’s worth I fall into the “don’t particularly want to raid, but would like the game to be more challenging”. I don’t think it’s people like me that Blizzard are catering for. In fact, I don’t think Blizzard realizes people like me exist.

    PvPers aside, Blizzard genuinely can’t get its head around the idea of people who don’t want to raid, or of people who want to run challenging content because they want to be challenged, instead of because they want the loot at the end of it.

    The only reason Blizzard seems to be able to imagine for people not raiding is raiding being too difficult. So they’re going out of their way to make it easier, which is doing nothing but annoying everybody except for the few people who really do just want to faceroll their way to free epics.
    .-= Temitope´s last blog ..More Thoughts on Content, the Four Percent =-.

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