So, this is my plea for help.  I know it’s kinda weird to ask the internet whether you should use a sick day or not, but, hey, I am strange like that.  My lack of decision making skills is legendary, and when you have a resource at your hands, may as well use it, no?

Sorry for the total lack of WoW content in there, I’ll make up for it when my brain is less fuzzy.  If only now I could get the damn mic on the camera to work so I don’t have to wear my headset all the time… damn you technology!

P.S: isn’t it amazingly scary how I look at this hour?  Maybe I shouldn’t let potential suitors see the blog… hehehe

4 Responses to “In Which Sar has a Dilemma”
  1. I’m probably too late to help you with the decision… but I’d say use a sick day. :P I hope you feel better!

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  2. Aww it’s a tough decision to make, especially if you’ve been off previously too. I hope whatever decision you made you felt ok about, and that you’re feeling better now.
    (i woulda chosen the sick day, but I know J would prolly have gone into work)

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  3. I hope you took a sick day, you certainly look and sound unwell enough to deserve a day off. You may only get worse if you add stress and exertion.

    And you look fabulous at any hour, if I may be so bold.

    Elfs last blog post..Extreme Mining in Wintergrasp

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  4. it’s nice that you’re doing another video post, missed seeing ya :)

    more wow related videos might be nice though :P

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