I have been lamenting the closing of many WoW blogs as of late, and I unfortunately have to say that I am now (temporarily at least) going to be one of them. 

I have been finding many things associated with both blogging and WoW frustrating as of late.  I am unable to do any of the things that I enjoy doing in game, and I rarely spend time logged in properly anymore.  Sure, I’ll sit down at the computer, log in for a little, and futz around (as in…. run around Dalaran for an hour, or alt tab straight back out and afk disconnect), but I don’t get anything of meaning done.  I am essentially locked out of raiding, since I am too far behind the gear curve, the rep curve, and most any other curve that there is to ever catch up.  I am never online when other guildies are, so I know a small handful of people well, but to most I am some random Warlock who logs on occasionally.

As for blogging, the WoW Blogging community has changed and evolved so dramatically that I find it difficult to keep up.  Being in a completely different time zone to most bloggers keeps me out of the loop much of the time as it is, and I don’t get to have some of the interesting, fun conversations that I am sure are happening somewhere.  The community as a whole has also seemed to change their approach to writing, and I don’t necessarily think it is for the better.  There is this perception that if you are not writing ‘important guide posts’, your blog isn’t worth reading.  Ditto ‘analysis of random game stuff posts’, whether it be gear, spells, talents, players, the social side of the game, or a fricking tradeskill.  The community has started taking itself incredibly seriously, and I find it difficult to reconcile the prevailing attitude with my current game time and experience.

*This is not to say that there are not many wonderful WoW journal style blogs out there!  Unfortunately, I do not think that these blogs get the recognition that they deserve, and are seen by many (falsely) as the ‘inferior’ style of WoW blog’*

I will be leaving this blog up, and no doubt if I read something that I want to respond to, or if I have a sudden startling idea, I will post about it.  I would hope that most of my readers would not unsubscribe, but of course this is a totally unreasonable thing to demand!  I will continue to be a small part of the Blog Azeroth Community, and I will be able to spend more time on my one very very small job within that community (looking after the Shared Topics) so that I am actually doing that properly now.  I just am tired of feeling guilty because I don’t have anything ‘important or relevant’ to say.

Thankyou all for being wonderful readers, commenters, and great people all round.  It was great to meet you all though this tiny little corner of the internet, and I hope my muse returns to me and I can be back to normal soon!

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  1. So – you’re on a break.

    I’ve seen Friends – I know what happens when people go on breaks.

    I dunno, young people today… ;-)

    Enjoy the break, and I do hope we see you back when the pressure’s off.

    Leafys last blog post..Druids Gone Wild

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  2. Saaaar! Nuuuu! D:

    I hope we’ll see you back – losing BA chat bloggers sucks!

    Re: Blogging is srs business; Personally I like journal blogs. You can only read so much serious theorycrafting before your eyes glaze over, and gear lists make for dry reading (I’m actually doing on at the moment, trying to make it at least slightly amusing :P).

    It’s nice just to sit down and read things like “Squee! I just got this pet I’veb een wanting for ages look at it omg <3″ That’s when you know someone is enjoying the game.

    Faulseys last blog post..Argent Rewards

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  3. Well, you know how I feel about journal blogs.. :) I don’t think that there is a general sentiment that journal blogs are bad. I think maybe to some of the other bloggers that might be true, but just look at your subscription numbers, etc.. I think being a “casual-blogger” is quite alright and there is an audience.

    Remember anyway, blog for yourself. Blog because you want to and what you want, not what other bloggers or just other people want..

    Now, not playing WoW.. That might be a good reason not to post.. It’s even hard to have a journal blog if you aren’t actually playing.. Maybe start up a project? Maybe a new alt on a different server?

    Well. It’s up to you, but we’ll miss you while you are gone!

    Fimlyss last blog post..Mister Fizzorium

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  4. You go finds yer fun, Sar. Whatevers that may be. You’s earned it.

    Feel free ta stop by whenevers ya want. Rest assured, NMR will never be a “important guide” blog. Ya learns something there, just means yer smokin’ too much felweed.

    Ratshags last blog post..After The War’s Over…

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  5. I’m sad to see you go. You were one of the bloggers I could feel related to. One of the ones that didn’t provide guides, just opinions and thoughts. That’s what I like to read. Anyway… take care and thanks for all that you gave us!

    Larísas last blog post..33 things I want to do before I quit WoW

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  6. I’ve always appreciated your posts but I can understand the sense of frustration you have with the game/blogging community. I hope you are able to find some continued enjoyment with WoW; and perhaps that means putting it on hiatus for a while. Thanks for the blog thus far and best wishes in the future.

    Seans last blog post..Bring Out Your Dead!

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  7. I have felt the same way about the sense of “blogging is for srs” for a while, and refuse to change. Like fim said, look at your subscriptions, I see 200ish people that apparently approve! Blog what you want to blog, when you feel like blogging it and for noone but you. Anyone that has problems with Silliness in a blog about a game is taking themselves, and the game far too seriously.

    That being said…I will miss you! and you better stick around BA chat or I’ll have to hunt you down!

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  8. *shrug* The thought that anything I write is helpful would shock me the most.

    Are you still coming out to Blizzcon? I was looking forward to meeting up with you.

    hydras last blog post..Two Raiding

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  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments all.

    I will still be going to Blizzcon, and I really am honestly hoping that I have found something to inspire me again. While I love blogging, and the community and all the wonderful things that go along with it… the game just isn’t inspiring to me at all at the moment. Perhaps finding a fresh perspective on the game will help matters!

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  10. We’ll be here when you get back, and there’s always the blog azeroth room for chatting.

    Much <3s

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  11. Aww, Sar. For what’s worth, I was always interested in what you had to say. And anyone who thinks a blog has to be about important stuff in order to be important, needs to get over him- or herself. You’ll be missed.

    T-Sonns last blog post..Malarea tries out the new ‘Sacrifice’ spell; merriment ensues

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  12. Well, we all know I don’t have a proper or important blog. :P

    Sar, I will miss your posts and videos! I hope you get inspired again soon (even if it is *gasp* NOT WoW related!) But, I will look forward to twittering with you when I can (damned timezones) and hopefully meet up with ya at BlizzCon! (Or outside it, depending what happens next weekend, lol).

    <3 Syr

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  13. Screw that Sar!

    Naah go on.. do your thing, you deserve it…

    However, if you get the itch, drop in and see me on Aman’Thul. My group of mates (7 of us, another one returning in a couple of months), raid together every Friday…

    The rest of the week my mates are active, and raiding as well.

    If you do join us, at least you will have lot’s of inspiration to write /fail posts…

    99% of them will start with…

    “The World would be a better place without Gnomes”

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Good Guildy! How to be one

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  14. I am very sad to hear this since destructive reach was the first blog i ever read back in BC – I had just got my warlock to 70 and didn’t know what to do with myself, and after turning to google i stumbled upon your small corner of the net. It helped me so much back then and has continued to do so up until the present day, so I really just want to thank you for putting so much time and effort into this, you really have created something wonderful and i can’t express how much i hope you find your inspiration once again and return to blogging :)

    Even if lots of the posts havent been ‘important guide posts’, the mixture of posts in your blog has kept me reading for just short of a year and I can positively say that your blog has, and probably will always be, my favourite. Honestly I can’t picture myself being where i am today without it and i think the video posts were a great idea, so just enjoy your time away from blogging/wow and hopefully come back soon, because i know that i will be waiting for that day.

    Lots of <3

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  15. Blogging is what you want it to be. Don’t let other people dictate what’s right and what’s wrong. Your own success is directly up to you. You once told me you didn’t care about numbers. I hope you still don’t.

    Matticuss last blog post..Is Tree Form Fun?

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  16. Hey Sar,

    Lots of great comments here, so I will just say that theorycrafting is for those who take the game way too seriously. Blogging about it is for those who take their words at a higher value than market. Blog what you like. Blog when you like. Blog as you will. Those who are true fans, true friends, will read it even if it’s the product of over prescribed pain killers, or the words of a thoughtful person. See ya on Twitter, oh evil one. :D

    Medross last blog post..All Things Azeroth #114 – Plushie Evilness

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  17. Sorry to hear Sar. I hope you enhoy your break. I have noticed with dismay many of the bloggers I have enjoyed reading over the last couple of years have stopped or at least cut right back of late. Sure the EJ forums have great theory but I appreciate the journal type blog much more.

    Game burnout is an issue. I started a horde guild on the weekend with a few guild mates as another place to just chill out. Even have my Spriest up to 20.

    As for raiding I have often wondered why you have stayed witha US based guild. If you ever feel like joining a bunch of mostly mature Aussies drop by Dath’Remar and look me up. :-)


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  18. Hi Sar. Just thought I’d let you know that Destructive Reach is one of the first WoW blogs I subscribed to. And as a fellow lock, your posts inspired me to start my own blog. I like the journal format of your blog, reading them makes me feel like I can relate to you and it makes me happy knowing that there are people like us who like to do things for lulz. So thank you and see you around <3

    Trinas last blog post..Rant: If you want a raid spot, don’t be a douche.

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