So, it has been a while since I have done a Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.  I figured I should really have a go at doing one since I am forever nagging other people to do them (thanks to the wonder that is Twitter), and this one of Copra’s really made me think.

“LF Good Guild”

“What is the best guild on this server?”

“You guys suck, I’m looking for a good guild”

All of these statements are something we see most everyday in WoW, and generally in the global chat channels (LFG Spam anyone?).  Most of the time we completely disregard them, although they often attract some silly answers, and start all manner of arguments.  However, do any of us really understand what a ‘good guild’ is?

There are so many different things which can be used to describe and categorise a guild.  We can talk about their progression, their talent in PvP, the friendliness of the people within the guild, their ownership of a bank and tabs within that bank (!!!), or any manner of things, but people will always disagree on whether the guild in question is a good guild or not.  At the end of the day, we all have things which we value differently, so each person will have a different understanding of what a good guild is.

When people ask me what a good guild is on my server, my most immediate answer is to rattle off the names of the top four or five PvE guilds.  To be honest, I am not sure why I do this – I think I have a basic understanding that most people are asking which guilds are the most progressed on the server, and so this is the question I answer.  This is also easy to categorise, and though there is always some debate as to who is “Number One” (I’ll never forget the day the “Number Two” guild actually surpassed the “Number One” guild in Sunwell, cementing their place in BC as the ‘top’ guild technically, although not in the minds of many), most people will be able to identify a guild on server, point them out and say ‘That there is a great guild’


These guilds are not always ones which I would categorise as ‘good’.  Their players are not always ‘nice and friendly’, they do not always use ‘nice and friendly’ means of getting to the top, and they quite often have little to no empathy for the ‘little guy’,  In short, these are not nice happy friendly guilds.  They aren’t the sort of people who I would enjoy sitting down and having a chat with, and they aren’t the sort of guild that I would consider applying to.

So what would I consider to be a good guild?

I look for a few things in a guild, and they really aren’t difficult requirements:

  • People should generally be friendly and polite
  • There should be a guild scapegoat to provide endless giggles and amusement
  • People should be understanding of real life commitments.
  • People should have some skill in playing their class – while being nice is all well and good, I do actually enjoy playing the game, and it’s difficult to do so properly with people who can’t play.

However, my list is completely different to someone who is looking for different sorts of guilds, so at the end of the day there really isn’t a way to effectively a answer this question – it’s all in the eye of the beholder!

6 Responses to “A Good Guild…”
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  2. I don’t like the idea of the guild scape goat.

    Maybe it’s because I’m always it. :(

    Matticuss last blog post..The Reality of Recruiting Part 2

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  3. Thankfully I am usually safe from guild scapegoat position, but I love our guild scapegoat – having someone who is happy to take the blame after a night of wiping (even when it really isn’t their fault) generally turns what could be a nasty situation into one which is lighthearted and amusing.

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  4. Copernicus says:

    Our guild /rolls for blame, so eventually it WILL be your fault. Lol.

    I agree that the definition of a good guild depends on who asks or is being asked. My guild is currently teetering on the brink of going from casual-raiding to a straight up raiding guild. I much prefer the friendly fun of the casual raiding vs. the progression mindset of those that want to do full on raiding.

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  5. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    Hey hey, not all well progressed guilds are full of evil mean people who are no fun to raid with. In my experience, what sets those guilds apart from less progressed guilds is simply the desire or intent of its members. Personally, I’m in one of those guilds where the vast majority of its members are there to raid and progress with like minded people. Few attendance issues, very little bickering/arguing, and no loot whoring. Not the most family friendly atmosphere by far, but friendly, absolutely. :)


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  6. @Ath I’m not really talking so much about ‘well progressed’ guilds, as guilds who take server firsts and world firsts and all sorts of firsts just a Tad too seriously. But, then, that’s just my opinion.

    A good guild?

    One which is willing to put up with Sar!

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