So, once again, I am planning on getting back to levelling my Druid.  She is a mere 72 at the moment, but hopefully some hard work and a couple of weekend’s worth of spare time will change that.  Of course, Sar will be my main (as always) and I will try to get back to more Warlock based content here, but it is very difficult to write about a character and a class that I get very little time to play.

Basically, Saresa is dead in the water progression wise.  I have been told in no uncertain terms (and I totally understand why) that I am not really welcome in Ulduar – I am too undergeared, my latency and tendency to suffer lag spikes means I am considered too unreliable, and I just don’t put out the numbers they require thanks to those two things (plus a certain amount of Failboat thrown in for good measure).  Unfortunately, Ulduar is all that people raid on the days I can make it, so there is little I can do about the situation.  My options are basically either to pug, change guilds (again!), or find something else to occupy my time.

So, the levelling of alts shall begin.  First will be my Druid obviously, who I am levelling as Feral, but intend to change to Resto as soon as she hits 80.  The only real reasoning behind this is that my guild has a plethora of tanks, including 2 Druid tanks, but we have no tree healers.  The faster I can get her levelled up, the faster I can start to learn the ways of the flailing branches.  Feral will always be my real love when it comes to Druiding, but, well… I am more than happy to give Resto a try since it doesn’t involve rolling Lifebloom like a trained monkey anymore!

Then, since realistically I shall have about as much as I can do with her as I can with Sar at 80, I’ll move on to my Priest.  Then the Mage.  Then maybe the Hunter.  I plan to have a veritable ARMY of 80’s by the time the next x-pac hits!

… Let’s see how long this lasts before my hatred of questing kills the plans.

One Response to “A Change is as Good as a Holiday?”
  1. Rockeroad says:

    Heh, good thinking. THough it does suck that you cannot raid anymore but you arent that badly geared anymore but i can understand their concern. As of now our guild cannot do Ulduar because people dont like to learn new content and are going to wait till we have it on farm BUT too many people had that idea -_-.

    Anyways good luck on leveling alts and i hope you get that connection problem fixed.

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