So, the latest BA Shared Topic has come from a place where few of us venture to dare… the realm of an Angry Dwarf.  Yes, that’s right, Saithir at the Angry Dwarfs suggested this week’s topic: your favourite, bestest, PROUDEST achievements.  Well, to be totally honest… I don’t have that many achievements which I am proud of in game.  I don’t have too many, don’t have a single title (apart from Jenkins, which hardly counts), and rarely work towards them.  However, we shall see what we can get from the very slim pickings I have done.

“Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich?” – Yes, I like to punch stuff.  A lot.  So much so that I punched my way all the way to 450, with the Rocky theme playing over and over and over and over in my head.  I’m so experienced I’d totally whip Rocky’s ass right about now /flex.  Never mind that Rocky is a bajillion years old…

“Going Down” – Because I worked out how to do this a NON stupid way before pretty much everyone I know.  While guildies were running around trying to find things to jump off, I simply mounted my bird, flew into the air, and dismounted.  hey presto, E-Z Achievement!

“Shop Smart, Shop Pet… Smart” – this is kinda cheating, since I got it on my Druid.  This achievement was the result of a lot of work, and a lot of mooching off others.  Sar can take credit for teaching Hermia how to mooch effectively (note: it involves making the OTHER people feel bad that they haven’t done enough work FOR you.  A truly difficult skill to master).

Runner Up

Yeah yeah yeah, so it’s cheating… I just thought that this one deserved a special mention of its own!

“The Fishing Diplomat” – because I conquered my fear of going into a Horde city.  My only wish now is that I had done so naked, because, well… they are Orcs.  We have to give them some reason to live, right?

Since I like to add a little something extra to posts, I’m going to add my top 3 Blogging Achievements

I have had only 230 spam comments so far, and a year is almost up.  I’ll just pre-emptively award this one, hey?

And of course, the BIG DADDY of them all, the one that beats everything else on this page…

Sure, I wasn’t actually interviewed live.  To be honest, I don’t know whether the intertubes could have handled that.  I would have probably broken them.  However, it is probably one of the top experiences I have had as a blogger!

What about you?  What achievements (WoW or blog related) are you most proud of?

PS.  Matt advised me to quit blogging.  So, if I suddenly disappear… all blame him.

7 Responses to “Your Warlock’s Achievement is Lacking”
  1. “Going Down” I have got that twice now by falling off things by accident. Go me!

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  2. Woot! I’m glad you like the TNB achievement.. It was fun interviewing you!

    Question, did you put up this new shared topic on TNB yet?

    Fimlyss last blog post..Bringing Back The Ku

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  3. @Fim nope, that is today’s job for when I get home from work… getting there!

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  4. Awww, why would he advise you to quit blogging? :(

    Syranas last blog post..TLC Thursday: Hello, Goodbye

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  5. I do believe I was whining about feeling uninspired… or some such thing. I secretly think he just doesn’t like Warlocks ;-)

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  6. The blogging achievements are a nice idea :)

    And “the Jenkins” totally counts. I have a bunch of other ones, but not that one ^^;

    Saithirs last blog post..Revenge of the Dwarf

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