So, since I was asked exactly what sorts of goodies I would be bringing if I went to Blizzcon, I guess I had best give you all a run down of the plan.

Mission Statement

To get a ticket to Blizzcon, book my travel and accommodation, and bring lots of nommy treats.  You American types need to be shown what REAL food is!

The Plan

  • Get ticket to Blizzcon (easier said than done)
  • Take food in luggage without it being confiscated (research on this has given me mixed feedback)
  • Have some sort of ‘I shall meet whoever wants to be met at X venue after Blizzcon and we shall share nommies!’  I am thinking some sort of… um… park?  I have no idea.  I will find someway to share nommies with people anyway.  It must be done!

The nommies

  • Arnott’s Tim Tams – I have heard that the chocolate is somehow produced by child labour, which is a concern, I must admit.  However, they are also compellingly addictive, and Arnotts have issued a statement saying the chocolate is ethically A-OK!
  • Vegemite: Because everyone has to try Vegemite at least once in their lifetime.  This one is a bit concerning, as there is a limit on liquids and ‘gel-like substances’
  • Likewise, I have been asked to bring Australian beer, but that might be difficult.
  • Dunkaroos!
  • Very tempted to bring a Pavlova base… but… they are very fragile.  Besides, they aren’t the easiest thing to cart around
  • Clinkers!  Chicos!  Yay for lollies!

In Other News

I should really announce the winner of the Shirt contest.  I give up on uploading the video, since YouTube and I are having disagreements.  YouTube just hates my phone. 

*drumroll*…. the winner was Siha!  Now, I am just awaiting an email back from her :-)

Have not played WoW all week.  Running around like a headless chook.  Also found out the other Year 12 English teacher is leaving, so I am freaking the hell out (puts a LOT of responsibility on my shoulders).  Exams at school are coming up, assessment tasks are being written…. everything is very chaotic.  Hence the lack of regular posts.  I shall try to do one tomorrow.

Nearly the holidays!  I’ll be afk for a week… going home.  Since my laptop is currently borked, I will have to send it off for repairs, so I won’t be playing WoW.  I might blog occasionally, but I wouldn’t count on it!

5 Responses to “Saresa’s Blizzcon Plans”
  1. Sar, hun, you and those nommies are hereby invited to any and all All Things Azeroth live shows, meetups, or events in, near, or connected to Blizzcon.

    Medross last blog post..All Things Azeroth #107 – Game Free or Rant Hard

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  2. -sighs-

    I would absolutely love to go to Blizzcon and meet all the other bloggers!

    But 1. It would be far too expensive for me, 2. No way would I go over to America myself!

    -more sighs-

    Faulseys last blog post..For Siha, Stop and Clanion!

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  3. I think the Gels and liquid restrictions are only for Carry-on luggage. If you out them on your checked bag you should be ok.

    Last time i went to the US i took a case of beer for my friends… advice: make sure you pack it in such a way that it won’t break no matter what… i smelt of Bock all that season…

    I think you’re ok taking food as long as it is on sealed packages… no open stuff.

    Kuroyumes last blog post..kuroyume: notable LOST… la cagó…

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  4. whisperel says:

    So Sar… thing you may keep in mind is that you are allowed to take a large cooler sealed with duct/packaging tape as one of your checked luggage. I know this because we cart frozen (no dry ice allowed) fish from Alaska and Canada all the time. I would advise on taking a roll of duct/packaging tape with you. They may require you to open the cooler and prove you do not have dry ice in it. (cool bomb makings lol)

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  5. Sar,

    Forget the Vegemite. Yanks can never and will never understand it. However many of the other nommies are available in the duty free stores at Australian airports. Tim Tams, lollies, Australian wine and beers. Not sure about pav’s though.

    The good news, it is all after customs so no problems. :-)



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