***Language Alert: some fairly nasty words slip through on this post.  If you are the sensitive sort, might be an idea to skip this one***

When I was bookshopping while I was on holidays (which is where I have been rather than writing here, because, let’s face it, I do need a life outside the internets, ya know?) I came across a little book that intrigued me – “Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women and the rise of raunch culture”.  A flick through confirmed that the author of the book and I found the same thing in life bloody confusing -  How does prancing around half naked with a Playboy bunny symbol on your shirt make you sexually liberated?  Thus persuaded, I purchased my book, counting it as a strike against the ditzes and bimboes in the world that I seem to encounter everyday.

Well, I came home, half unpacked since I am a lazy ass, forgot about the books, and spent the week doing what I do best when it’s holidays: played WoW and ate Tim Tams.  While I was playing I decided to participate in the wonderfully timed Noblegarden holiday.

This holiday activity sounds fairly innocuous – collect eggs, eat chocolate, get a bunneh pet.  I got all that stuff done, got myself a pretty dress, a basket, and a cute set of ‘I’m totally fuckable bunneh ears’

… wait, what?

Fuckable bunneh ears?  And that’s not the end of it!  In my total ignorance of my own fricking beliefs, I screenshot said bunneh ears (perched oh so cutely on top of my sophisticated head), crop it to REALLY draw attention to my ears, and stick it up on Twitter.

Yeah.  I basically just advertised to the internet that I am a bimbo.  Saresa the Noble, my ass!

Way to go Sar, way to compromise your beliefs right there.  To be honest, I am not sure why I find the ears so appealing… I haven’t taken the picture down, despite the objections I have to it.  Guess we can just add hypocrisy to my list of faults – it’s OK to compromise all my beliefs if I look damn hot doing it!

Of course… I could look more like this chick right here: next to her I look downright Victorian Prudish.  The men sure liked her though, about as much as I liked the men in dresses!


4 Responses to “Easter – Making a You-Know-What out of all of us!”
  1. I want what the belf is wearing!! XD

    Softis last blog post..New patch! New patch!

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  2. Sar. They’re just bunny ears. You look cute. I don’t know where you get this idea that you’re farkable. That’s a byproduct of your own imagination.

    They’re just ears.

    Matticuss last blog post..Lessons from Talent is Overrated: Welch’s 4 E’s

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  3. Lol, not sure whether to be flattered or disappointed now!

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  4. I didn’t make any of the connections you did. To be fair, I’m a furry and have my own tiger ears (and panda and snow leopard ears), so don’t associate bunny ears with Playboy. And I thought the 18th level requirement was to prevent players creating alts for easy completion, honestly not seeing the connection to age.

    I’m not the brightest elf in the forest, apparently.

    Elfs last blog post..Extreme Mining in Wintergrasp

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