Our raid the other night started out just like any other raid would.  We zoned in, I forgot to use my flasks, soulstoned a mage just for kicks (OK.. not really, but I came awfully close!), and chewed our way through some tasty Undead trash.  Yum.  Then we hear this tiny little voice pipe up in Vent (tiny because it was a Priest – they lack that big awesome BOOM factor Warlocks have, ya’know?)

“I have a GM coming into the raid”

What now?  A GM?  What on earth for?

Well… as it turns out, afore mentioned priest had some form of issue which had to be sorted out.  When a GM finally got to her ticket and asked her if she had time to chat, she said ‘sure, but I am in a Naxx 25 raid’.  He/She/It replied ‘Hey, you know what, I’ll come into your raid and see you.  It’s only 10 minutes until I break anyway.  Besides, I heard rumours of a really awesome Warlock who runs with you – apparently really smart and good looking.  I think his name is Lastcald’.  I’ll bet he was disappointed when he found out I was the only lock in the raid!**

Now… this was really hard to believe.  I just couldn’t imagine it.  Why would a GM want to come to OUR raid?  I am sure that GM’s could be doing all sorts of much more fun things… spying on people engaging in ‘suspicious activities’ in the Tram, for example.  Or throwing annoying Horde off cliffs…  or changing Tauren’s faces so that they had Tauren bodies, but Gnome heads. I’d totally do that if I was a GM.  Regardless, A GM did show up… with another GM in tow!

I really can’t describe the lunacy accurately with words.  However, since I spent the whole boss fight spamming screenshot rather than actually killing things, I have plenty of pictures instead.  Everyone, meet Soniwam and Donnikel.

WoWScrnShot_032709_142409 The moment I noticed them arrive… I was a smidge delayed by having to run back to my corpse ><

KissOh yeah, I was kissed by a GM.  Score.

WoWScrnShot_032709_141924My leet GM induced lag.  Well… convenient to blame them anyhow.

WoWScrnShot_032709_142559The GM form of wishing someone luck?

WoWScrnShot_032709_142639GM’s make mistakes too!  Taking 10 people into a 25 man, I would never screw up and do that… *looks innocent*

Pirates and NinjasPirates versus Ninjas!

**Note:  I do not know what the conversation really was.  All I know is 2 GM’s rocked up to our raid.

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  1. That is awesome… simply awesome.

    Pikes last blog post..Building a Better Beast Master Pre-3.1

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  2. Bah, things like that never happen to me! /sulk

    Softis last blog post..An award? For ME? Awww I love you guys!

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  3. Nice. The most entertaining time I’ve had with GM’s is when they would RP the ticket discussion with me when I was on an RP server. You had way more fun. :P

    Syranas last blog post..Meme-ish: Bloggy Awards!

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  4. Lucky girl….. Most of my dealings with GM’s left me beating my head against the wall.

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