So, the most RAWR worthy blogger out there, Stompalina from rawrbitchrawr, tagged me a while back on this meme that was floating around the intertubes.  Since I have been gone for so long, I haven’t been able to get in there and actually do it until now.  Since it has taken so long… I am not going to bother tagging anyone else.  Call me lazy… but I think it is well and truly dead now!

So, the whole point of it is… ahem *clears throat*

“The way it’s supposed to work is that you post your sixth screenshot in your sixth screenshot folder to your blog…
After that you’re supposed to tag 5 other people to continue the “chain”…”

Now, I only have one screenshot folder…. thanks to a nasty mishap where I wiped out all my screenies reinstalling WoW.  Whoops.  My 6th screenshot is kinda lame as well, but… here it is!

I strongly suspect this is one of those *whoops, I hit Print Screen* affairs, since it really makes no sense.  There I am, all proud with my Frozen Shadoweave Robe, T4 shoulders and Mindblade.  And a heck of a lot of nonsense going on around me.  I kinda like how everyone cleared room around the letter box for me though… I must be scary or something ;-)  I had stocked up well on consumables for once as well… which is probably why I was down to basically no gold, as usual!

I guess I’ll cheat and finish off with a shinier, better screenshot:

Burn witch, burn!  *cackles*

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  1. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    Welcome back Sar :)

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