My Blogroll is an almighty mess.  One I don’t have time to clean up.  At the moment I barely have time to scratch myself, let alone fix my Blogroll.  This is where you, my dear readers, come in.

Find me Blogs!

Link them as a comment here!

Also, please explain why said blogs are so awesome.  Things I am looking for:

  • WoW blogs only please
  • Writing should be articulate (if the writer’s spelling, grammar and vocabulary sucks more than mine, I don’t want them!)
  • Content should be interesting and fresh
  • I would love to link some of the smaller blogs out there – the well known, established ones already get enough love elsewhere, and I’m all for supporting the little guy!  After all… I am a small fish myself
  • Warlock blogs receive priority, but I am interested in all sorts of blogs.  PvP blogs go to the bottom of the pile unless they really engage me.

I will draw someone out of a hat to win a prize of incredible lameness.  I remember Pike gave away one of her awesome illustrations as a prize for something – don’t expect anything that good.  I might post you that bit of lint I keep meaning to pick up off the laundry floor or something… but, hey, it would be authentic, Sar lint!  Or… if you are REALLY lucky, someone will get a random Warlock themed something.  Could be a warlock shaped piece of lint!  Lint!  OK, OK… so I’ll cough up for something good :P  Like a Jinx T- Shirt of the winner’s choosing.  Sound OK?

Personally, I would go for the /dance T.  But hey, that’s just me!  So get out there and get reading!

Disclaimer and other crapola

The winner, drawn by random lottery, will receive the Jinx T-Shirt of their choice.  The winner agrees to tell me their postal details through email (which I will sell to all sorts of nefarious companies keep absolutely private and delete after use) so that I can arrange shipping of the T-Shirt.  The competition is open to people world wide, since I am a kind and generous soul.  One entry per person.  Entries close on the 22nd March, midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time.  Only original entries will be considered (either a blog which has not yet been linked, or a completely different justification for repeating a blog link).  No correspondence will be entered into regarding results of the competition.  The Author of this blog asserts that she is not receiving any form of payment or service in this competition – this is just giving her something to spend her stimulus package money on.  Any queries, please email me via the shiny contact page up the top.

16 Responses to “Reader Participation Gimmick, Right Here”
  1. Shameless plug: My blog.

    Not the greatest, not the smartest, but always for the betterment of the game.

    For the group.

    Copra /out

    Copras last blog post..Individual community

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  2. Considering the frequency with which I support your green fire cause and that you were my first ever commentress (and I’m pretty sure you’ve linked me before)… shame on you for not having me on your blogroll *waggles finger* (I know I know, I just have a small corner of the world (of warcraft) and the warlockiness sometimes strays… apologies).

    Oh, and despite what the “last post” thingy says at the bottom… I totally have still been writing and it is false. I think something about my site is borked since it does the same thing over at the MC for unknown reasons. *shrug*

    I don’t want your lint unless it comes with a summonable pet lint. You know, lint catches on fire quite well… maybe even green fire if its the right kind of fabric. <3 Sar even for playing with her own lint.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Faith, Hope, and Love

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  3. Mine, of course! My fave NEW ‘lock blog has to be Fel Fire – Me & My Ghoul ( is a lovely DK perspective. I’m also digging Syrana ( lately. Hope you enjoy!

    T-Sonns last blog post..Chasing Talikya

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  4. Hm. Trying to think of new ones (or ones I’ve discovered recently, ignoring ones that I’m sure you’re made aware of.) [Besides mine, of course.]

    Holy Dueg is a new find of mine that I really enjoy – quite witty and rather sarcastic. Also, evil and possessing both twirly mustaches and a monocle – read with caution.
    The Druid Team has posted several articles on potential housing in Warcraft; models, locations, integration with professions, etc. They’re well thought out and while Kagrra hasn’t posted a ton lately, the housing posts promise great posts for the future!
    Lorecrafted has a new series of posts, Lokker’s Guide to History, told by Lokker (a gnome, so you can imagine how hilarious it is.) I’m enjoying this immensely thus far.
    Tanking for Dummies opened up shop last month. He is otherwise known as Mr. Jov. (I’m sure you read World of Snarkcraft?)

    I hope that will make a satisfactory addition to your list. I also second T-Sonn’s recomendations of FelFire, Me & My Ghoul and Syrana – I read all three of those as well :)

    Aneas last blog post..Points

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  5. Of course, mah blog:
    If I passed this chance up for shameless pormotion, I wouldn’t be a blogger.

    And it would be kinda bad if I didnt post my blog of the week. It’s a hunter blog, but his posts are well thought out and well designed. Plus, his post on questhelper finally made me decide to try it.

    Drazmors last blog post..Kinda Busy…

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  6. :D Thank you T-Sonn! Now I don’t have to do a shameless plug (even though dear Sar has linked me in a post, I haven’t made it to the blogroll!)

    An interesting one I’ve come across recently that you might get a kick out of (non-warlock, but funny and artsy!)

    Oh and I 2nd Fulguralis’s blog and T-Sonn’s blog.

    I must stop now before I’m tempted to give you my entire google reader list! :P

    Syranas last blog post..PSA: When Bad Things Happen To Good People

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  7. Of course I’d like to offer my own blog, (ex-warlock, pally, druid, priest, now DK) nuff said.
    The blog I’ll recommend though is BobTurkey (at Insightful content, easy to read, and written with a tolerant voice.

    typhoonandrews last blog post..What if Arthas was a Windows update?

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  8. A fairly new site I found is

    He recently became the new Blood Pact writer for wowinsider.

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  9. I was going to recommend Fel Fire as well; it’s an excellent blog (although it’s more of a shaman blog and guild leader blog these days; Elleiras has shelved her ‘lock for her shammy, as her guild needs healers).

    However, since T-Sonn got there first, I’ll recommend Binary Colors instead: She’s a Feathermoonite and RPer, she’s hilarious and insightful, and she writes brilliantly. Major thumbs up.

    Sihas last blog post..The Argent Tournament Tourist Guide, Part I

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    UnBearably HoT
    Druid blog which is both incredibly informative about all aspects of the raiding game and also hilarious.
    Recently has had articles about how to redo your UI, Uludar boss tactics, Druid weapons and having your wisdom teeth removed.
    Wicked sense of humour, with very amusing pictures very well done. One of the few blogs I read daily.

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  11. Great to see so many responses already! Many of the blogs mentioned I have been reading for a long time, and just haven’t ever bothered to put in my blogroll (as I said, it is HORRIBLY out of date), others are new and interesting places to read.

    keep ‘em coming!

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    It’s World of Matticus — one of the best healer blogs ’round.
    My favorite paladin blog.

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  13. <3

    Tristans last blog post..How to Find a Good Guild

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  14. :) Another shameless plug (:

    It’s a WoW Blog. I like to think I can spell. Dunno if I’m interesting though. Thanks for the heads up on the Twisted Nether Live chat…I added you to my reader.

    Shawndras last blog post..New Pastime

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  15. Note to self: Add ‘One of these Alts is not like the Others’!

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  16. @typhoonandrew – thanks

    I don’t read many warlock blogs, and I don’t think its that new but I’d suggest Fear.Win ( as being worth a read.

    Gobble gobble.

    BobTurkeys last blog post..How to dance

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