I am feeling kinda lazy.  I spent a few hours today in vent chatting with guildies while attempting to catch that damn sewer rat, and so don’t have much to talk about.  Instead, I’ll just log about stuff that has happened.  Well… not even blog.  Just post pictures, really.  They aren’t even set out well… as usual, if you read this in a reader, it will look lame.  If you read it at the site, it will only look half as lame.


  This is my FigurePrint!  Isn’t she shiny?  Unfortunately I am clumsy and have scratched her base a little… surely I can fix that with a permanent marker though (or something similar).  I took this picture to show off how great her weapon came out.


  The front view of afore mentioned FigurePrint.


The inside of my shiny new computer!  Squee!  Video cards should really be renamed to video bricks – the size of that thing is nuts! The other picture is of the setup of my new computer: one monitor is 23”, the small one is only 15”.  I now have a shiny new G15 keyboard, and wonderful droolworthy parts inside (my favourite being the new video card/brick – a Nvidia Geforce GTX 280.  It’s not top of the line, but it runs pretty damn well and I am happy with it).




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