(Also known as ‘Holy Hell it’s Monday!  I need 10 random things!’)

chops 1.  Horns and the crew at YAWN are having a writing competition.  Want to show off your writing chops?  (see left)  Think you can do better than me?  Well, stop reading this brainless drivel and get writing.  Did I mention that puts you in the running for some ‘fully sick loot bro’? (Stereotypes R Us!) Deets can be found over at his site (incongruously named locksucks.com – is that Warlock lollipops?  Cos Lock + Sucks = huh?)   Write good stuff, OK?  And if you win a prize, well… I think I really do deserve it.  Pass it on.

2.  Having to tell students that their effort is so shitful that you are going to N award them (read – 1 step from failing senior high school English) sucks balls.

3.  However, you feel much less sympathetic when the lazy buggers don’t co-operate and make you look bad for your review.

4.  As I tweeted the other day… or yesterday, as it was.  If you CLEAN the shower while you are HAVING a shower… don’t squirt the bleach on your loofah and the body wash on the walls.  Hurts.  Hypothetically, of course… *sniffs bleachy arm*

5.  My shiny spanky new Black Books DVD’s arrived in the mail today.  Crack open the wine!

6.  So did my equally shiny new fuel card.  Not to be cracked open simultaneously with Black Books.

7.  So, of all the cooking dailies which I hate, Sewer Stew is the worst.  I made the mistake of telling Blizzard this though participating in an online poll.  Somehow, the manky bastards tracked me down (probably e-stalking me, since I am just THAT awesome), and made it Sewer Stew FOUR FRICKING DAYS RUNNING.  Now you understand why I am calling them manky bastards.

8.  Found out on the weekend that the term ‘wanker’ is not a global one.  Heh.  I order you all to start using the word wanker as a matter of course.  Perhaps not in front of your Mum though (and definitely not in front of the mother in law).

9.  Faulsey has an awesome accent.  So jealous.

10.  Damn it, I need a WoW related one.  Damn damn damn.  Um…. so yeah.  Did you know in WoW there are bunnehs?  And those bunnehs die in wonderful ways.  I have stabbed the bunnehs (375 crits FTW!), Cursed the bunnehs, punched the bunnehs… you get the picture.  Death to the slimy bunneh vermin!  Oh, and curse the Squirrels as well…

… Especially the Secret Squirrels.  Being all the bloggers with SECRET PLANS.  Seriously.  I hate secrets.  Not that it matters, cos Faulsey and I have our own totally secret plan which is so totally secret that we have totally no idea what is going on.  Totally.


<— is that a ‘I’m so posh, uh!’ or a ‘Sir Yessir!’?  Baffled.

3 Responses to “Odds and Ends My Lazy Ass Self Hasn’t Posted Yet”
  1. Yeah, “wanker” is not used so much in the states. However, I try to give a go every now and then, because it is just so delightful.

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Ever Met A Coffeecrafter?

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  2. Usually around here it seems that if you use the term “wanker” or even grab from Canada to use “hoser” there’s some unwritten rule that you are to say them with a bad attempt at an accent. >.>

    And I know not what of secrets in which you speak.

    Syranas last blog post..Stream of Consciousness

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  3. Oh yes, secret plans! \o/ Watch as everyone goes green with envy at ours. -nod-

    -embarrassed- glad you like my accent. I can’t really tell myself if it sounds scottish enough for peoples amusement.

    Faulseys last blog post..A slightly sad farewell… and a ding

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