Edit: Kamiko is now home… she had been missing for about 7 hours, which, like I said, might not seem like a lot to most… but she is like a child to me, and it was stressful.  I am just so glad she is back.

My cat is missing.  I know to some people, it might not mean very much or be very significant, but my cat is really all I have.  Living out here in the middle of nowhere, she keeps me company and gives me something to look forward to coming home to.  I let her out for her afternoon sunbake (foolish of me, perhaps), and for some reason today she disappeared.  I haven’t seen her for hours.  She missed dinner, and she is really a very timid sort of cat (scared of strangers, scared of cars) which makes me think something might have happened to her.

I keep imagining I hear her meows, and every little noise makes me think that she has come home.  I drove around the neighbourhood but couldn’t see her, I looked around the houses here and she wasn’t there.  The house feels empty without her, and I can’t even go to bed without her sleeping on the pillow next to me.

Please come home Kamiko.  I miss you.



4 Responses to “No Real Proper WoW Post Today”
  1. Keep us updated on this, Sar. Tweet when she’s home. <3

    Kagrras last blog post..Award Or Meme? Who Cares?!

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  2. Glad she’s come home – what a cutey! :)

    Softis last blog post..Photohunt: Hands

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  3. I am glad you updated that she came home. Maybe she is a druid and went stealth on you.

    hydras last blog post..Burning Crusade Done… Finally

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  4. She’s adorable! Glad she made it home safe ‘n sound. I’d go nuts if any of my cats were missing. :( Sometimes I get antsy if I can’t find them in the house (but swear I didn’t let them out). They are too good at hiding sometimes.

    Syranas last blog post..Meme-ish: Bloggy Awards!

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