In my quest to be the Noobiest Person on Cenarius, I am pursuing random achievements instead of doing, you know, useful stuff… like getting gear.  One of these things is fishing.  If it’s a waste of time, I’ll be guaranteed to do it!

Stealth Mission into Orgrimmar

Stealthing without stealth is awfully difficult.  Stealthing without Stealth without a map makes it even more difficult.  Add a total lack of skill into the equation, and, well… let’s just say it was very very very difficult indeed.

See, I wanted to go into Org to get a fish.  That’s all I wanted!  I didn’t want to kill anyone, I didn’t even want to kill the stupid guards that just refused to let me in.  However, I knew that the Horde wouldn’t look too kindly on me sneaking into their domain, so I was prepared for some trouble.  I pre-emptively equipped my fishing pole (a sign of good intentions if there ever was one), swam my way down the the bridge that I found entirely though happy accident, and started pulling guards off the bridge.  By the way – those guards are surprisingly tough for level 75’s!  I was as jumpy as a cat on a hot tin roof the whole time, petrified someone would come out and kill me.  I eventually picked off the half a dozen guards at the entry, and ran in along that winding path.  I stuck to the ‘wall’, hoping that people just wouldn’t notice me if I was off the road.

Of course… that didn’t work.  I saw a Paladin riding towards me, and clung as close to the wall as I could.  He kept going, and just as I breathed a sigh of relief… he doubled back and rode his horse right.  into.  my.  FACE.  Oh God!!

I just stood there and waited for him to start beating on me.  I did keep a small shred of self respect, and merely /waved rather than /cowering.  Too bad you could probably smell the mess in my pants a mile away!  He still didn’t move… I didn’t move… it was a weird form of standoff.  I tentatively moved down the road.  He followed me.  I moved further.  He followed further.  Feeling reassured that he probably wasn’t going to kill me, I just kept running.  Then I realised – god damn it, I don’t know where the hell I am going!  I ended up in the Valley of Strength (or whatever that damn place is called), and figured out I went a bit too far when I saw masses of red names floating around everywhere.  Yikes!

WoWScrnShot_032109_001935I quickly turned around, and saw the pond.  Phew.  A 71 DK was fishing in it, but that was cool.  I figured, so long as he didn’t start anything, I was ok.  I put on my brave face, and caught myself a fish.  Whoo hoo!  Then I bowed before the 2 Horde, and off I went as fast as I bloody could out the door.  I didn’t even stop to kill the guards, I just ran straight through them and lost them.

So, Arangar and Vaneere, I thank you from the bottom of my small blackened heart.  Possibly the best Horde that I have ever met (or the worst, depending on your perspective!)



So Poor I have to Fish for Coins!

The other thing I have always wanted is the Titanium Seal of Dalaran.  For someone as indecisive as myself, an in-game decision maker is a god send!  I approached my task a couple of days ago, not thinking about how difficult it would be to complete – after all, if I did that, I would never have started!  Finally, last night at about 10pm I decided that I was going to sit there and complete the achievements, once and for all.  I dragged out my trusty fishing pole, purchased some lures, and got to fishing.  At that point my fishing skill was at about 425, so I still had a little bit to go.

Eventually I got to the point where I needed 1 silver, 1 copper and a few gold coins.  Fishing was sitting at 438.  I was beginning to wonder which would happen first – a fishing achievement or maxing out fishing!  I managed to get the Silver in the City achievement just before maxing fishing (at 445).  Copper came not long after that, and then I had a big rush where I got all the gold coins I needed bar two – Chromie and Arthas.  Then things suddenly went downhill.

I couldn’t catch a coin to save my life!  I got endless amounts of Fountain Goldfish, but I couldn’t even fish up a stinking copper, let alone anything else.  THEN some jerk off Horde


decided that it would be great fun to stand on my bobber and taunt me.  So, in true BBB style, I’m going to do the old name and shame.  You want to be a blatant wanker and ruin other people’s fun?  Be prepared to take the credit.  They even posed for a SS, so you can see them in their full ‘glory’.

So, Wildncrzy and Syreyne, you sure did a great job of representing your guild there.  Well done.

That pain in the butt kerfuffle went for a while, so I took the opportunity to go grab some salad. Nommy.

Eventually, I came back, and the Orc had left, but the BE was still hanging around.  She decided to leave me alone though, and the fishing hi jinks continued.  It was basically more of the same old same old… I was down to just one coin (Chromie’s, my favourite member of the Dragonflight), it was 1am, and I was getting tired and grumpy.  I wasn’t going to bed though, until I had that coin!

Casting continued for a long long long long time.  Words can not describe how horrible it was.  Finally, at about 2.45am, I got it!  I was so close to giving up, but after declaring in Twitter that I was not leaving until I got the coin, I felt obligated to stay.  Besides, Softi said she would hold me to it!




WoWScrnShot_032209_024329P.S – people who insist on flipping their coin right near the fountain when people are fishing – bite me!


8 Responses to “Fishing with Saresa Jenkins: How to Kiss A Sewer Carp”
  1. Woohoo! Grats hon – I sure don’t have your patience. lol

    Softis last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Me n my boy.

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  2. wow, you’re so brave! and you’re lucky to have nice hordes not killing you.

    i love fishing (in wow only, not in real life!) and i really want to go to orgrimmar to fish. but i hate pvp and hate dying. i don’t know when will i get the fishing achievement :/

    thelyses last blog post..this is more like a raid

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  3. Gratz! I have a loooong ways to go yet since my fishing hasn’t broken 200 yet. Yipes. I have work ahead of me!

    Syranas last blog post..Screenshot Sunday: Where’s My Dolly?

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  4. I am still two gold coins away from getting the darn achievement. I couldn’t have just stood there and done it all in one go – as it is, I would do it for an hour here and there and that was enough! My brain turned to mush (or sometimes I fell asleep.)

    But grats on your coin and the achievement!

    Aneas last blog post..In which Anea loses her boots

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  5. Grats!

    Gnomeaggedons last blog post..Devaluing skills: They all taste like cardboard to me.

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  6. hmmm i notice from your necrosis demon menu that you don’t have ritual of doom! shameful :<

    but great post ^_^

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  7. I know, it’s really quite bad that I don’t have it… I always figured, if they either made the pet useful, or threatened to delete the quest chain, I’d bother. I’m just lazy, what can I say?

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  8. *points sar to this link*

    tried and tested, for those 15 minutes you feel like a god ^_^

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