Very briefly:

My phone has FINALLY supposedly been connected.  If it has been done properly, all that I have to wait for is my internet service to be connected, and for my modem to arrive (which should be soon, it was sent by courier 4 days ago!)

However, my small personal woes have been overshadowed by the following things:

Bushfires in Victoria (a whole 4 or 5 hours from where I currently live, not far at all) have ravaged small towns, leaving (at this point in time) over 180 people dead, and at least 80 people missing.  The media – especially the filthy TV media – have descended upon the state, asking people revoltingly inconsiderate questions.  Some of the worst include

– “Your children have died.  How did you feel when you found out?”

– “Were you insured?  No?  Whatever are you going to do?”

– “How do you think this community is going to get back on it’s feet?”

– “Do you resent the police for not letting you back into your home?”

The TV media make me feel seriously ill.  Not to mention the major channels have been dedicating at least one hour extra television to the fires each night, which would be fine if it wasn’t an obvious ratings grab.

Then, since the Australian weather likes to be ridiculously cruel, up the top end of the country we have things on the other end of the scale:  Flooding!  Massive flooding!  Which then gets to be topped off by enormous king tides!  Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink (or chuck on a fire, for that matter)

The Queensland floods were originally the media’s Great Big Cause of the Month… until the bushfires came along and they decided to pull everyone out of QLD to go and report in Victoria.  Heh.  Not to be cynical, but I am sure it helps that smoking ruins are much more photogenic than floodwaters.  Well… that and the floods haven’t really resulted in much death, although there have been a couple of deaths, one of which was a small boy taken by a crocodile.  I can’t help but wonder if there will be more crocodile attacks, since they are now swimming right into town through the floodwaters.  Scary stuff (for those who are unfamiliar with crocodiles, they are larger scarier versions of alligators.  They can grow to up to 15 metres long, and are incredibly deadly).

So, I guess I really can not complain about my minor woes!  If everything goes to plan, I should be back to blogging regularly and playing WoW within a week.  Huzzah!

Donate to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal (Australians and non-Australians)

How to donate to the Queensland Flooding Appeal (Australians only)

7 Responses to “News at 6”
  1. Wow, Sar – so sorry to hear about what’s going on in your area. We’ll all be so glad to have you back – you’ve been missed!


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  2. Glad to see an update from you, but wish it was happy news. I’m sorry to hear about these tragic events. :(

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  3. Hey Sar,

    Glad to hear you are not effected. It is an incredible disaster. I could not begin to imagine what many have gone through both in Vic and FNQ. They all have my thoughts and prayers.

    Stay safe.


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  4. Yep, Queensland is the forgotten cousin in all that is happening right now.

    It is just amazing the stories that are coming out (even if propagated by the filthy media).

    Initially I think people on the outside thought the victims stupid for not leaving… but then there have not been fires like these in recorded history…

    On survivor mentioned how the fire covered 20km in 2 minutes… basically no chance for you to get away. Fire was leaping a km at a time…

    Unfortunately, as is usually the case with these horror stories, it wasn’t the 2 weeks of 40+ degrees, or even the record 46+ degree day that cause the problem…

    The root of the problem… some deadsh&t firebug….

    I just don’t get some people….

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  5. Hey sar! Glad to see a post from you although, I do wish things were a little more cheery down-under. As far as the media, Yeah it is digusting. The last few years ever about August or so there have been several HUGE fires in So. Cal. (Although not nearly as bad as what you guys are getting) And the news just covers the homes burned and runs these sad stories about people. It’s a mockery and shameful. I want to hear about people that are ok and what is being done to help the victims. All I hear here in the states is that more people died, and that’s all. Makes me sad and I wish every one down there a quick and speedy recovery from this tragedy.

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  6. Gnomeaggedon says:

    One more thing the media did that disgusted me was complain about how much foreign aid the govt gave compared to the amount given to victims of the fires. My wife told me that aust ppl have now given 5x the amount they gave to the tsunami victims.

    Ppl here are in a bad state, but realisitically, there is no comparison in the incidents or the hope for the surviivors

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  7. Rockeroad says:

    I still miss you Sar =(.

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