So, since the vote was a fairly strong ‘Yes!’, I have made the first video for the new year.  It’s not the best, especially since I am fairly rusty on the whole thing, but I am sure I will eventually get back into the swing of things.  Realistically, I am getting a new computer in April hopefully (fingers crossed!), so the quality will improve dramatically.

Since 6 people did vote no/apathetic, I thought that I should include a run down of the things that I have talked about for those of you who don’t like video or are unable to view it.  That way, things are fair for everyone, and you all get to know what I said/think/hurled at people.  Oh, and once again, YouTube has frozen me on a really ridiculous looking face.  Huzzah!

  • Blogging has been all over the place due to:
    • Trying to find a bloody house since I found out I was going to Bourke!
    • Christmas and New Year being in the way
    • My trip to Melbourne
    • My Great-Grandmother’s passing the day I got back from Melbourne and the subsequent funeral
    • A family friend being put in hospital and subsequently being put in a nursing home in Melbourne
  • However, I found out today that I have a house!
  • This means I am moving in TWO days: packing tomorrow, moving the day after.  Eeeep!
  • I look weird in the video since my stuff is half packed and stored in the study, so I no longer fit in there
  • I am kinda freaking out as to where I am going to fit my 300+ books and 3 bookshelves in my new place.
  • Attention Warlocks!  Go to the Damage Dealing Forums (NOT the Warlock Forums like I said in the video, although that would make more sense to me….) and give Ghostcrawler feedback on what is wrong with specific Warlock spells!  What ones are crappy and how should they be changed?
  • One awesome suggestion has been to change the mechanics of curses.  I think it sounds interesting and promising, but since my brain has half shut down, I can’t make any valid contribution to the discussion.  I might be able to think again tomorrow.

On other news:

Huzzah!!  The last point took an HOUR.  My finger was super tired from hanging over the PrtSc button.

4 Responses to “Video Killed the Blogging Star!”
  1. BEHOLD!

    Cometh the KNEE of DOOM!

    Ye shall all know despair… ;-)

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  2. There’s a neat little add-on called Overachiever that will take screen caps of dings and achievements for you negating the need to hover over the printscreen button.

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  3. Woot for being home today and being able to watch movies. I was actually one of the maybes just cuz I can’t watch it at work and often don’t get time at home, so I appreciate the synopsis. In any case, the movies are good when you can see them :-).

    One thing I read that is a fun suggestion is to allow the use of Curse of Doom in PvP. Clustergrasp would be real funny with a bunch of doomguards running around dontcha think?

    Other than that, I don’t really want to lose spells or change the little used spells… I just want the main ones we use to be buffed or looked at to help increase our overall DPS to something respectable. Things like duration changes to make an easier rotation (letting me bind a few more to one key), or increasing the coefficients, or decreasing cooldowns… Those are all things we need IMO, not a huge overhaul…

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  4. @Traynn

    I’m happy and sad to have read your comment. Happy to hear of that addon.. sad to have it further feed my achievement addiction! :P

    And Sar, this is the first vid I’ve watched and I liked it. I couldn’t vote since I wasn’t familiar with the other ones… plus it wouldn’t let me. lol

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