Since I am on holidays, and I am also incredibly lazy, I got someone to do a guest post for me.  Saves me a day of writing, keeps you all entertained – it’s a winwin situation, right?  So, Kalf has written an interesting post about Warlock/Resto Druid Synergy, and how to keep the trees happy.  Personally, I think it would be more fun to set them on fire, but hey, I guess I like my heals!

So, here it is… I think some of it especially is going to spark some discussion, which will be awesome for me to come home to.  So, enjoy!  <3 Sar

Greetings to all of Sar’s readers!  I’m sure you know of me by now, since I’ve been mentioned in

some of her posts and if you’re on Twitter, I’d reply to her every now and then.  Otherwise I am

her Resto Druid friend.  While she’s away I have been given a mission to entertain you guys with

my ramblings.  I thought the most appropriate thing I could do was post something that directly

links a Druid with a Warlock, in the healing sense.

So here are my three mini-topics about the connection between Resto Druids and any kind of

Warlock.  Enjoy!

The Felhunter
I love the Felhunter, he is my friend and despite what everyone else says, it’s a zergling and I

love Starcraft.  Therefore, it’s a zergling in my eyes.  Anyway, whenever a mage isn’t available

for a raid and we have a few locks, I message them and kindly ask for this bad boy to be

summoned.  Not only does it help my mana pool and regen but when I’m in tree form the extra

spirit gives me more healing!  How awesome is that.  But lately, I have been using spirit scrolls

because we usually have a mage around, and the buff from the scrolls is equal to the Fel Hunter

buff so my scroll is waste.  Oh well.  When I’m feeling stingy and don’t want to waste the oh so

cheap scrolls, the little zergling is one of my best friends.

Fel Armor
I only put this here because of me having an ego and wanting to crit high with healing touch on a

Warlock, aka, Saresa.  But NOW, since the stupid spell was changed, I can’t do that, I have to

resort to testing my heals on Rogues.  It was helpful in raid situation though, when a certain

Warlock would lifetap and have stupidly low health, a heal would crit and help them out heaps. 

(Ed: Please note, this certain Warlock was not me! <3 Sar)

Life Tapping
Now this is just a pet peeve.  I really dislike it when a lock goes ahead and lifetaps in a 5 man

or a raid, ESPECIALLY when it’s at a critical point in a fight.  And it makes it even worse when

there’s a load of AoE damage going around the groups.  I’m glad I have quick reflexes, otherwise

90% of the time it would be a wipe or either the tank or lock would go squish.

Maybe these few tips may help, not that I would really call them a tip, more of a perspective

from a healer when a Warlock uses a certain spell or pet.  Well, except for Fel Armor since it

got nerfed in that way but oh well.  Keep in mind the life tapping thing! /shakesfist

…Fist?  Wouldn’t be a branch?  /cast Life Tap Life Tap Life Tap!!!  <3 Sar

5 Responses to “Trees aren’t Just for Burning: The Resto Druid and You”
  1. The Felpuppy can’t be a zergling: the Silithids are the Zerg!

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  2. On my Druid, I usuall don’t mind Lifetap being used, as long as the Warlock understands that a) I may not be able to heal them immediately, or possibly at all during the encounter, and b) they need to be aware of the situation that they and the group are in. Its almost never been a concern, but occassionally it happens that Lifetap comes at a very bad moment.

    Otherwise, I wholeheartedly endorse its use, because a Lifetapping Warlock is killing stuff faster, and that’s why I brought them. In fact, I normally hit them up with a HoT if I happen to notice they are low on mana, and I’ve never complained about Lifetapping between pulls, because I regen mana at a far higher rate than a Warlock is likely to, and my heals are relatively cheap.

    This isn’t true of all Druids, or all healers, so a tip for better play is to ask politely, or just assume the heals won’t come, and say thanks when they do. For the sake of the demons you willingly sold your souls to, get rid of any /healme macros or addons. Chances are I already know you need healing, and nothing is more grating than seeing that crap pop up all the time. When I see it, I feel temptation to just let you die. Not that I will, but it is very tempting…you don’t want to tempt me that way.

    As far as pets go, every pet has its use, but as long as you understand that your Felguard/Voidwalker/Felhunter/Succubus is not my top priority for healing, and respond appropriately, we’ll get along famously. Once again, I heal them when I can, but I’m of the mind that if you are a pet class, pet management should be somewhere on your priority list i.e. moving them out of an AoE, keeping that Succubus from being 1 shot, etc. Your pet’s survival is your responsibility first, and mine second.

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  3. We used to have a fire mage who would alway comment about trees being firewood and burnable. As a hunter, I just get left to bandage and avoid death’s icy grasp with feign death so I have no link to the Resto Druids.

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  4. @Stop: The silithids are the aliens from Starship Troopers! Fel hunters are still zerglings ;D

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  5. Great to see some discussion happening while I have been gone!

    My personal philosophy regarding life tapping out of combat has always been taptaptap, eat a mage biscuit to replenish both health and mana, thus making the process faster. I never expect nor ask for heals out of combat, in my mind that just marks a lazy or selfish lock. I think this really got ingrained in my mind in Hyjal, where healers did have difficulty maintaining mana levels and people would still expect heals OOC. *sigh*

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