Well, I really don’t know what has been happening in the WoW world the last week or so, so the only thing I really have to talk about is what I have been up to. I moved in to my new place on the 22nd of January, and I tell you what, it has been an interesting experience so far!

Act One

I spent moving day sitting in the car for over 9 hours, which was totally exhausting. I dragged myself out of bed at 5am to finish packing the truck so they could get going, then got the last of my things together and left myself at 8am. The drive started out perfectly fine, until I managed to miss a turn at Mt Thorley. I was just cruising along, when all of a sudden I was on a distinctly unfamiliar road. Trees? Mountains? Winding road? This sure doesn’t seem like the way I am meant to be going! I drove until I found a place to ask a) where the hell I was and b) how to get back. That took half an hour or so… whoops. Part of me kept saying to turn around earlier, but there wasn’t really any good turning spots, and I also was hoping there would be a turn off at some point to get me back to where I was going.

Well, I eventually got back to where I was heading, and kept going as planned. I was now cutting it VERY fine on time, so I decided that I wouldn’t be able to stop and sit and have lunch when I got half way there. That was a bit annoying, but oh well. Caught up with the truck well past Dubbo, out at Nyngan, and overtook them there. That was at 3.45pm, and I had until 5.30pm to get to Bourke – another 200km away. So, I admit I put my foot down a little bit… which turned out to be a REALLY BAD DECISION.


Go and get your popcorn, go to the bathroom, and discuss over the light music kindly provided by the orchestra exactly what you think our heroine has gotten herself into!

Act Two

There really isn’t anywhere to stop for fuel past Nyngan… and at that point I was running on half a tank. Now, usually that would be enough to get me there… but when you are driving at 140km an hour on a REALLY hot day, the car eats just a little bit too much of the fuel. I was just out of Byrock, and thought that I would fill up there… but there was just not a petrol station to be found. Most of the towns between Nyngan and Bourke are these tiny 50-100 people places, and they really don’t have much. I got to 20km outside of Bourke, and the car died. Rats.

I probably should have sat there and waited for my Dad, but at this point it was 5.15 and I was running out of time to get my key. No key = no place to spend the night, which would have been bothersome. Thankfully someone picked me up, and dropped me off at a petrol station. I thanked them and let them know that they didn’t have to take me back – I would just phone the real estate, ask them if someone could drop the key around to me on their way home from work, and my Dad could take me back out to the car.

Unfortunately the petrol station I stopped at didn’t have any jerry cans. *sigh* They recommended I try the other petrol station, but I couldn’t leave the one I was at since I had phoned the real estate and told them where I was. I asked Dad to try there, and he got some fuel and him and his mate drove back out to the car while I waited for the key.

Act Three

15 minutes later… still no key. 30 minutes later… still no key. I phoned the real estate agent back, hoping against hope that someone was still there, and got a particularly grumpy man on the other end of the phone ‘She went to give you the key a long time ago and you weren’t there’. I said that I hadn’t left at all, and didn’t see her come in, which I thought was a bit strange. I gave him my number, and he gave me hers, and I called her. Turns out that when I said ‘Bogas’ she thought I said ‘Beaurepaires’, and so she went to the tyre place rather than the petrol station. Whoops! I guess crackly mobile phone connections don’t help matters much, not to mention I was as flustered as!

While Dad was getting petrol, the girl who worked there mentioned that most of the teachers were going out to the pub that night for dinner. So we went down there for tea, and I got a chance to meet a lot of the people I will be working with, traded numbers, etc etc. So it actually worked out to be a good thing that I ran late, and ran out of fuel!

As for impressions of the place, it seems like a typical country town: just also very hot, very red and very dusty. The news and ads on the TV are a weird mishmash of things from Queensland and the Northern Territory, which is going to take some getting used to. I’ll have to subscribe to a NSW paper to actually have an idea of what is going on within my own state! The only things that really annoyed me so far:

  • No bathtub! I am one of those people who can’t function without a soak in a bathtub every now and then, especially when I am stressed
  • For some reason the people who install phone lines are total MORONS.  They dug the ditch, laid the pipes, covered it all back up… and, you guessed it, neglected to put the phone line IN the pipes!  So, I won’t have any internet for… a LONG time.  So, no blogging, no WoW, no chatting… and when you live alone and don’t have a phone either, there really isn’t that much else to do.  You can only vacuum a one bedroom place so many times in one day!
  • No hot water for 2 days waiting for an electrician to come out and look at it – turns out something wasn’t connected quite right.
  • Garage infested with Redbacks, but they were quickly killed with a couple of bug bombs.

So, I won’t really be posting for quite a while, very sorry about that.  Good thing I don’t need the internet to make money… I just use it to, you know, bank, do research for work, talk to people without running my phone bill up, etc etc…

/end nasty bitter rant


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  1. Oh my. This is one reason why I hate moving… things just never seem to go smoothly :(

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  2. venomous spiders, no hot water, running out of fuel… sounds like a hollywood blockbuster in the making, Ang… sideline money maker ? :)

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