2008 was a heck of a year for Destructive Reach.  Why?  Pretty simple really – it was the first year of my existence!  Since April, a lot has changed around here – I started on a WordPress.com blog, moved over to self hosting after a couple of months, and have been through a couple of makeovers since then.  People have come, people have gone, and numbers have certainly grown – although not too much, it’s still a cosy little hideaway for Warlocks and Warlock lovers over here, rather than a busy metropolis like some other blogs.  I would like to say that the writing has improved considerably, although that is still under question. 

So, what has happened here in the last year?


Where it all began over at http://destructivereach.wordpress.com.  The poor graphics make me want to cry (I didn’t have photoshop at that time, and I have never been a master at using MSPaint), the writing is pretty shoddy, but we all have to start somewhere, right?  Unfortunately the permalink to my first ever post is inexplicably broken, but don’t worry – it can be found at the original site.  However, I am not sure if that is a good thing…


I was amazed and astounded in June by a day of insane hits – one which I think still stands as my busiest day yet!  Matticus linked me in one of his posts on WoW Insider, which startled the heck out of me, and made me immediately regret not writing anything better for people to see when they popped over!

The beginning of June marked the very exciting 999 page views mark as well.


One awesomely exciting thing happened in July – I got invited to talk on the Epic Dolls Podcast!  While I still think I sounded like a total twit (and I remember being nervous as all heck), it was a really fun experience.  I still feel sorry for Leala and Rae having to try and talk to my noobie butt, especially since when I am nervous I laugh like an insane hyena every 5 seconds.

I also hit the 100 posts mark in that month – and have only written another 142 since!  Boy oh boy but have I gotten lazy!


I started to freak out about the content patch, got enraged while doing battlegrounds, confused people world wide by advising them to use the toilet, and didn’t really do much else.  What an unimportant month.

…. Oh, did I mention this is the month I discovered a little thing called video?  Check out the hair!  Whoa!  As an other small aside – I got my beta invite in August.  Definitely an uneventful month indeed /remove tongue from cheek.


Hmmm, so, my birthday is in September (21st if you were interested, be sure to send presents this year!)  Apart from that totally relevant happening, I ranted a great deal in September, whether it be about people not appreciating their DPS players or the homogenisation of gear; I learnt to doodle, left my guild for free agency, and tried (and failed) my hand at some RP.  I also stated very emphatically, for the record, that Warlocks are the best lovers.  Clearly I must have been right, because it was certainly a very popular post!


October led to a lot of interesting real life experiences, the beginnings of my hatred of achievements, some epic QQ being unleashed, the Big Patch of Overpowered being implemented, and the world’s messiest recapping of Blizzcon.  For future reference – live blogging Blizzcon while it is on TV is very difficult, not to mention dull as old biscuits to read and just… urgh.  People go to WI for that stuff, I am just here to provide random natter!

I also made some interesting predictions as to what Warlock DPS and playstyle would be like in Wrath.  Looking back, I was right on the money with some things, and a little… off… with others.  Well, can’t say I didn’t try!


I caught a horrible disease, tried my hand at posting some numbers, wrote a shiny guide to filling out guild applications for those moving Warlocks out there, picked up Wrath (of course!!), tried to help budding raid leaders motivate their raiders and ensure that damage meters are utilised correctly, and answered a bunch of questions thrown at me by bloggers and Twits – a great deal of fun!

I also failed miserably at NaBloPoMo.  Humbug.


The month where I unleashed epic amounts of procrastination – 99.92% of posts refer to me being lazy with posting.  When I was a good girl and tried, I wrote about the Merrymaker achievement and how it was similar to being prodded in a nasty place with a sprig of holly, discussed the differences between 10 and 25 man raiding, and bit off more than I could chew with a series on leading a casual guild.

I also, along with, you know…. everyone else, celebrated Christmas (or something equivalent or better).  Ho ho ho!

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  1. The Warlocks as lovers post still stands as one of my all time faves. Go figure.

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