So, now that that has gotten your attention…

I am well aware that I have had an unacceptable level of “I promise I will post properly soon!” posts. Well, unacceptable to me anyway – the amount of post it’s stuck above my desk saying ‘For Heaven’s sake, POST already woman!’ has reached epic proportions. Unfortunately, real life seems to be determined to thwart me at every turn. A family friend has just been readmitted to hospital with caner and pneumonia, I have had a couple of birthday parties to go to, and (as before) I am trying to organise a house, myself for a holiday, packing, freaking out about my job next year (sometimes I want to smoosh my head into something brickwallish for wanting to be a teacher), and all that nonsense. There is just NOT enough time, and the stress is really starting to build up.

I know that I shouldn’t feel obligated to post here when real life is getting absurd, but I do. It may simply be because I love the community that revolves around this blog and around blogging in general, and I would hate to see it shrink from my laziness… it may just be that I don’t want to see my numbers shrink because I am vain that way! But, tonight (hopefully) I am going to sit my butt down in front of the computer and do some serious posting.

Queued up for writing:
– 2 installments of Casual Guilds (I still owe you from last week)
– A retrospective, ‘cos they are kinda hip and happening right now
– Predictions for 2009, because they are even more hip n happening!
– My New Year’s Resolutions (Redux) – possibly
– By Request – Pets Pets and more Pets! Companions FTW
– HOPEFULLY a couple of other things… I need enough to cover while I am on holiday as well.

Once again, apologies. If Real Life would stop kicking my ass I would be writing more (and actually being able to play the damn game!) Now, if you will excuse me… the vacuum cleaner is calling my name…

2 Responses to “A Down and Dirty Quickie”
  1. So sorry to hear about your friend being in hospital – I hope they recover soon.

    As for the ‘post already!!’ thoughts… I have them daily, but RL>WoW!


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  2. 7 new posts = fun

    Everybody Happy!
    (Except for Sar)

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