That’s right, the time has finally arrived for me to go on holidays.  So, Destructive Reach will be on autopilot for a week, which means that, while posts are still incoming, your friendly neighbourhood Warlock is not here to reply to comments left.  This doesn’t mean don’t leave comments!  I’ll just have to get to them when I get back next week is all.

While I am on holidays my computer generated fake self will be posting regularly with lots of things – another part of Casual Guilds, some Unicorn chasing, and even some disco!  I’ll be tossing out the old year and bringing in the new (albeit, a touch late), and just generally causing havok around the internet.  You wont even notice I am gone!

I’ll also be Twittering like crazy while I am in Melbourne (at least, I am planning to).  You can see updates by either checking back at the big Twitter box in the side bar over there occasionally, popping over to my Twitter page, or perhaps even following me on Twitter!  If I can’t blog, I can at least microblog, right?

As a final note, Elf asked me a couple of posts back if I could write a guide to how I got my mini pets.  Well… I was going to, but Jess beat me to the punch!  I would heartily recommend reading her post instead :-).  Another great reference is Warcraft  I am pretty sure you can find me on there as Saresa as well, but it has been a long while since I updated that page.

Well, I will have fun in Melbourne, but I will certainly miss all of you in Azeroth and beyond.  May your drops be plentiful and your repair bills be few!

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