1 ding to 79 at approximately 12.15am

5 hours sleep

2 cats who woke me up caterwauling

30 minutes of queue

15 minutes of playtime after said queue before I had to go

2.5 bottles of vodka =

120 jelly shots!

15 minute queue (AGAIN!)

7 hours to 2009 at time of publishing

1 – yes just ONE! – more pet to go before I finally get the darn achievement for Hermia

0 tolerance for the chorus of Smoke on the Water.  Getting close to the same level of tolerance for Through the Fire and the Flames on Guitar Hero III

20 days until I have to move!

1 week until I go to Melbourne – keep nagging me to prewrite posts for while I am away and I may just try to do it.  I don’t have to want to worry about you guys getting bored while I am gone

1 Retrospective incoming tomorrow for the last year (written by an incredibly hungover Saresa)

POSSIBLY followed by some…. interesting… photos from tonight.  Subject to just how embarassing said photos are.

Have a Happy End of 2008 everyone!

<3 Sar

5 Responses to “Today in Numbers”
  1. Happy New Year! I’ve never actually had a jello shot. Perhaps this is the year for one! Who knows. I want to see embarassing pics plxkthnxbai!

    As always, we would love you to make some pre-planned posts! It’s not that we get bored, we just like reading your blog!


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  2. Oh my god, you really did have fun w/ that post didnt ya? Oh and keep prewriting! I personally dont read most of the casual guild stuff but then again im in a less than casual guild(lots of planning THEN 2 min b4 the raid last min things come up w/ some ppl, yeah!). But posts like this(i read long ones also, if you get that idea) i read. Happy new year and DONT become an alchoholic today!

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  3. I only have 34 pets at the moment, and may be able to get to 40 without shelling out insane amounts of money. How about a post listing pets and how to get them?

    Also, post embarrassing photos. It’s best to do it when drunk, I believe. Happy New Year!

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  4. Woo jello shots! Party hard the year is almost over. And yes photos are best posted and taken while drunk, everyone knows that.

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  5. mmm… jelly shot good…

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