A fun little game of tag has been floating around the blogosphere for the last couple of days now, and I have finally been caught.  Fulgaralis over at Killing ‘em Slowly just tagged me, so it’s time to dig through the archives and have a looksie.

The point of the whole thing by the way (thought I best clarify that!) is to find the first blogger to comment on your blog.  If the first blogger doesn’t blog anymore, then you find one who does and give them an honourable mention.  You then pass it on by tagging 5 people (although finding five untagged people is going to be a challenge within itself now). 

So, without further adieu (I almost spelt that wrong… but it IS 5am here!):

My first comment was from Becca from Power Word: Totem, in response to me whining (hey, what’s new?) about missing the Running of Da Bulls, since I was silly enough to screw the maths on the time conversion.  Unfortunately, Becca has since stopped blogging on PW:T – or I THINK she has, since there is nothing there since September.

Honourable Mentions go to:

Leafy, for being the next blogger to comment when I discovered that I am SEAK.

Phaelia, for being my first incoming link that directed stacks of traffic to me

Matticus, for my first link in WoW Insider (a rare occurrence, let me assure you!)

TeePee, for aiding and abetting me in Destruction, and writing really useful math driven Destruction stuff to boot.  Please come back TeePee, we miss you!

Nibuca, for doing wonderful work altogether…. even if she does play Affliction.  I s’pose I can forgive her that!

Now, who to tag, who to tag?  Who HASN’T been tagged yet is probably a better question!  Let’s see what’s new or untagged in my reader…

Adrenis @ DrainingSouls.net

Stompalina at rawrbitchrawr (I just LOVE the name of that blog, and the writing is good too!)

The folks over @ The Druid Team

Seri and Jov @ World of Snarkcraft

Noobiewan @ his corner of alittlewowforme

3 Responses to “Tag, You’re It!”
  1. That’s two of us to tag Adrenis. Maybe he’ll do them now!

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  2. Let’s hope!! :) /pulls out prodding stick and takes aim.

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  3. Oh… I can’t forget all my regular commenters as well – I was just running out of room to thank them in the post itself! It was getting to be the world’s longest thankyou list hehe. So, here’s looking at you guys as well: you rock! <3 <3

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