No… not a GEAR list.  A Christmas List!  There’s a difference!  So, if you all love Sar, you shall mail her the following 5 things:

1.  4000 Gold in unmarked coins by New Year’s, or the rabbit gets it!

… wait, Sar, Christmas theme, not Gangster theme!  The gold to be honest is merely a means to an end for a much greater goal – Sar’s epic flying.  While I have always professed that being slow doesn’t bother me… it’s starting to get on my nerves.  Especially with the 50 billion ZILLION flying mounts available as random rewards for people who are fast in instances.

2.  The Afore Mentioned Fast Mount.

Specifically – the red drake from Wyrmrest rep.  Mmmmm yummy!  I have also had a fondness for the Cenarion Hyppogriff (however you spell that dang thing).  I have the rep… just need the gold! (see above – and add a couple k gold to it).

3.  A Dagger and Offhand so I can stabby stabby rather than whacky whacky

I hate staves.  Staves bug the CRAP out of me.  Can you imagine my disappointment when I realised that I had sold off my dagger and offhand – and then got my figureprint.  Now, I have to pose Sar with a Stoopid Staff

My love affair with daggers first began when I saw Blade of Eternal Darkness in AtlasLoot.  I wanted it – between the supremely evil name, the stabby stabby factor, and the somewhat nifty ‘on equip’ bonus, I was in love.  Staves have always reminded me of Priests and Mages – not the look I wanted.  I wanted to have a potent, magical dagger, that I could walk around and stab people with when the urge took me.  If I felt like thwapping them, I’d thwap them over the head with my offhand. 

4.  More Levels

Please, Pleeeease!  I would love a few more levels – 3 for Sar, the left overs can go to Herm.  As you all know, I am a disgustingly slow leveler.  I suck at levelling!  Most of my guild has raced ahead of me – most of them have raced ahead of me on more than one character!  How is this fair?

5.  Green Fire

Please Santa?  Please Please Please??  I’ll leave you cookies and everything!

Love, Sar

P.S.  I have been good.  I have a whole heap of victims witnesses cowering waiting in the corner ready to say I have been!

8 Responses to “Sar’s Christmas List!!”
  1. Lies! You obviously don’t want 4k, cause you never accept my offer.

    Kalfurions last blog post..Standing in Fire + No Heals = ???

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  2. You just didn’t try hard enough to give it to me ;-)

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  3. You don’t have epic flying? o.O

    Loronars last blog post..Analysis of A Nerf

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  4. You dont have epic flying?!?!?! When i was leveling i got enough to get all of the flying when i dinged 70!

    But i agree w/ that list. I love daggers more than staves, though i can deal w/ staves cuz the one i have is AWESOME! Search Charmed Cierge on wowhead. It looks amazing, 2 floating heads that are on fire! Oh and i want the drake also =(. Finally, ding sar ding!

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  5. Hmm… I’m just going to go ahead and “ditto” 1 through 3. I want to ride a dragon AND a magic carpet. Levelling my stupid professions is what is eating into my gold anyways. When you’re DE’ing most of your quest rewards for levelling mats, you miss out on a sizeable chunk of money most people get by selling those back. /QQ I know.

    FYI, I’m jealous of the beach trips… it’s all cold and snowy here :-(

    Fulguraliss last blog post..Not To Say "I Told You So", But…

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  6. Flameheart Spell Scalpel (Kirin Tor – Revered)

    Ward of the Violet Citadel (25 Emblem of Heroism)

    Or if heroics are not your thing.
    Tome of Salramm

    Is a great set of dagger with off-hand. If you just keep having fun the levels WILL happen. Fun is what it is about… it is a game after all.

    hydras last blog post..MORE Richard

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  7. Hell, when I get epic flying, I’m getting Netherdrake.

    I know, nearly everyone says they’re gonna do it, but I’m actually serious. I’ve already started grinding for rep.

    Yes, missing valuable Northrend time.

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  8. Meh, leveling and flying awesome dragons is overrated… nobody does that anymore. *end fantasy*

    Actually I’m just too lazy to do either, I’ve only leveld to 73 lol, granted it’s on my shiny new DK. But I have had a ton of fun doing the little I’ve accomplished, so I guess it was worth it.

    ps. Santa knows about all the poor little bunnies… and he does love small, cuddly, fluffy things.

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