So…. I am working relatively diligently on the next installment of Casual Guilds…. but I just can’t quite get into it at the moment.  What with the silly season catching up to me, the stress of still trying to organise a house (Moving on the 19th of January, the agency who organises the accommodation is closed until the 5th, and I still haven’t heard anything about a house… fun times), trying to squash in a trip to Bourke before I head to Melbourne for a week… yeah, it’s all catching up to me.  Not to mention the small fact that I just can’t seem to bring myself to level past 78.  Very odd indeed.

I have been level 78 now for, oh, two weeks at least.  I log on, I contemplate doing a quest… and just can’t be bothered doing it.  I am sure that my guildmates are beginning to think I am moderately insane – heck, I am starting to wonder if I am myself! – but I can’t level.  It’s almost like a weird block is there preventing me from hitting 80.  Even the most casual of casual players I know have caught up to me and are poised to race ahead.  I really don’t know what it is.

So, what have I been doing instead of levelling?  I have to be doing something in game, right?  Well.. I have done the Christmas quests…. tried to do some BG’s to get the achievement (and spent more time cursing at the screen than anything else while doing so), levelled cooking a little… run out of snowflakes to throw at people for other achievements, danced like a snowman, and put off doing the bombing run.

Dancing as a snowman was probably the most time consuming part of the whole thing.  I parked my butt in Lagcity, donned my outfit, and waited…and waited…. and waited.  Finally, someone came up to me and said they would put their costume on if I gave them a snowball so I could get the achievement.  Sounded fair to me… until I tried to open trade.  Well… duh – the snowman costume is a stun effect, so you can’t trade while wearing it.  All good, I’ll just click the buff off me… or not.  What?  I can’t  click it off!  I can’t move to get it off?  I am stuck as a snowman forever!  Oh woe is me.  What a fate, to be a snowman in the middle of Dalaran for all eternity.

Of course… it was just a UI issue.  I have known for a while that one of my mods was interfering with the ability to click off buffs, so I just had to turn them all off.  Still, it was annoying!  At least I got the achievement though… and randomly got surprised with ‘Tastes Like Chicken!’.  Yay!

Other random crap which has gotten on my nerves:

  • People mounting over the presents… stupid jerks
  • I hate double demerits!  Everyone is driving so slowly because they are scared of being booked – 20kph under the speed limit is NOT necessary people!
  • By the time I got to the sales there was hardly anything left, which means all my towels are mismatched.  Entirely my bad, but annoying nonetheless
  • I got my brother a guitar for Christmas.  Unfortunately, at this point the only thing he knows is the chorus to Smoke on the Water.  It gets tiresome after a few times.  Silly me should have given it to him right before I moved out

Well, hope you all had a great holiday season.  I promise that installment of Casual Guilds is incoming… tomorrow perhaps?  Yes, I will get to it tomorrow, I swear!

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  1. And yet you had enough time to write this, lol. Oh and if im reading the twit right gratz on 79. And btw at the cursing thing, i did it also and so did the other warlock in my guild(yes only 2 locks, lucky for me.) So hope you have a good few more weeks until you ahve you move.


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