So, my internet was essentially borked for the last few days, which unfortunately meant no posting!  However, the download limit has been reset for this month, my brother has been assured that exceeding it again will mean a loss of one finger per day of bad internet access, so all should be well for this month.

I know this a lazy picture post isn’t exactly substantive, but I am hoping that this will be enough to hold people for the duration of today while I come up with something of a much better quality.  Let’s face it, if I was intelligent I would have been writing something good while the internet was down, all ready to be uploaded at the push of a button when everything was back to normal.  Instead, I spent my time lazing about, going to the beach, and doing all those other fun RL activities that I have let slip since the advent of WoW, and definitely since the advent of blogging into my life.  These are just a few assorted snaps of my adventures since Wrath came out – enjoy!

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  1. Hey, been checking out your site daily almost. I play a lock and ran across your blog from I believe Wow Insider. Anyway, I was just wondering the specs on your computer, what settings you run with in the game and the resolution you run at. I was looking at your screen shots and noticed the trees looked really detailed compared to what I see normally. I know i could set my settings higher but i run into fps issues. I’m running 2 gigs of ram, an nvidia 9800gt OC, and an oldish intel 3.4ghz ht tech. processor. I strike it as odd that even with a fairly brand new on the market wise graphics card that i still can’t play at max settings without having like 8-10 fps tops, 20 if im lucky.

    Anywho, keep up the good work, and see you around

    Deliurium 79 undead lock

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  2. Nice to meet a daily reader! A technical question (*ummsandahs*)… I am afraid I am not much chop with the technical stuff, but here goes! My computer is not the best by any means (over 2 years old)

    My computer is an ASUS laptop, with a Nvidia Go 7300 graphics card (and no idea what else). I run WoW at VERY low settings generally speaking, with everything turned down except for Texture Resolution. I also have Full Screen Glow and Death Effects turned off, which helps a lot. I still don’t run at a very good framerate, averaging 20FPS, often lower. I would guess having Texture Resolution turned up makes my screenshots a bit nicer. I don’t know if it has any effect whatsoever, but most of the images on the blog are cropped in Photoshop and saved as PNG files, not as JPGs.

    Thanks for reading!!!

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