Sometimes, a picture says it all…

And sometimes… there are people like me who feel the need to add even more information!

The other day (I am guessing Tuesday, judging by the above chart) I was doing a general check of the blog – you know, taking down notes of all the things that needed to be fixed, putting them in the procrastination folder… all that stuff.  Anyway, I happened to notice that there was a small typo in my Feedburner plugin.  Whoops!  So, I decided to fix it, not really thinking it would make much of a difference… well boy oh boy was I wrong!

Since I fixed the issue, my amount of recorded subscribers has tripled.  Sure, it doesn’t affect any of you guys, but it was a nice Christmas present for me to see how many more people actually read what I write here.  It also puts a little more pressure on me – perhaps I should now make sure I know what I am talking about!

So for all you self hosted WordPress bloggers out there who might not be familiar with Feedburner:

1.  Sign up at

2.  Download the Feedburner Plugin

3.  Install the plugin in your plugins folder and activate it

4.  Go to Settings, then choose Feedburner FeedSmith Plugin

5.  Type in the subscription address to your blog and save.

Hey, presto, you now have much more accurate subscriber stats!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I will be back with regular posting shortly.

Much love,

<3 Sar

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  1. I always knew you were one of the popular ones! :P

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  2. @ Softi awww /blush

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