So, Winter’s Veil is here.  Another holiday with a chance to get a title.  Another holiday where Sar won’t get a title.  But, heck, she’ll try her very best anyway.  And then console herself with the fact that, well, the title ‘Merrymaker’ for a Warlock is a bit odd.  A bit misleading even.  Sure, I enjoy lighting nice, toasty fires… right on people’s heads.  I do like to give strange and surprising gifts… even when they aren’t always welcome.  However, I don’t think either of these are Official Santa Sanctioned Christmas Activities.

So, for those of you who are much more likely to get the achievement and title, here are the requirements! Feel like being festive?  Well… there is TWELVE of them.  Each of them have a difficulty scale of 0-5.  Enjoy!

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me

Gnomes killing Gnomes in BG’s

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me

A reindeer bombing run

and Gnomes killing Gnomes in BG’s.

etc etc etc

1.  On Metzen!

Save Santa’s stupidest reindeer yet again.  Seriously.  Never mind that he has been saved year after year after year… once again he got himself kidnapped.  I am beginning to wonder whether there’s some sort of knockback system involved here – Metzen gets paid handsomely in carrots to just ‘wander away’ from his stall… fricking carrot junkie.  Screw Metzen, this year I’m heading to Ibiza instead!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 1/2 sprig of holly jabbed up the proverbial.

2.  With A Little Helper From My Friends

Is this meant to be a poke at gnomes not looking scary?  If so, I just don’t get the joke… Gnomes terrify me! Although it will be amusing to see the gnome on gnome carnage.  The biggest pain in the patoot here is that the costume wears off when you die.  Can anyone else imagine at least a few trips to the BG’s?

Oh, and Doodads… sucks to be you!!

holly-icon1 Pain in the ass level: 4 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

3.  Scrooge

Throwing snowballs at leaders?  This I can totally advocate!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 0 holly jabbed up the proverbial

4.  Fa-la-la-la-Orgi’la

Well, for most people this is fairly easy.  For me… um… am I even attuned properly?  Hmmm.  As a Very Important Note, for lazy cheaters like me, you do not have to complete the quest with your mount transformed.  You just have to hand it in with the reindeer suit on your poor Netherdrake (or whatever the heck you may have).  Expect to see Ogril’la hopping again!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level:  Attuned: 1/2 a sprig of holly

                                     Unattuned: 3 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

5.  ‘Tis the Season

Dressing up in a skanky Christmas outfit might be good for some people out there (I’m looking at you Blood Elves), but it really isn’t my cup of tea.  Nor is fruitcake, to be entirely honest – they say you are what you eat, and I have enough people calling me crazy as it is.  However, I am willing to grin it and bear it for the achievement.  All I need to do is sew my self some clothes, suck up to a leatherworker, smack a Mage around (gogo Nexus!), and munch on some Fruitcake!  How easy does it get?

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 1 sprig of holly up the proverbial

6.  Crashin’ and Thrashin’

A racer to crash into stuff?!  Almost as fun as throwing snowballs!!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 0 holly jabbed up the proverbial.

7.  Simply Abominable

Pack up your tent, ‘cos we’re going camping!  One mob.  Thousands of players.  One achievement.  Be the fastest to click on the damn mob!  Have fun NOT clicking on someone who flags themselves instead of the mob!  Oh, the endless joy that is waiting on a respawn.  Pack your snowflakes for Let it Snow – they might come in useful here.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 3 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

8.  Let it Snow

Throwing snowflakes on people.  Why can’t it be snow balls?  Snowballs of DOOM!!!!  Oh, wait… not any random people?  They have to match a defined race/class criteria?  And I can’t go to Dalaran without disconnecting?  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  And where am I going to find a Dwarf Paladin!

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 2 holly jabbed up the proverbial.

9.  Bro’s before Ho Ho Ho’s

The biggest source of whining since the Warlock Forums.  Who has it easier – Alliance or Horde?  Which side does Blizzard favour most?  How come your side gets everything on a platter?  Yeah, well. we had to trek out ALL the way to VC in YOUR stinking land!  Hey, WE weren’t stupid enough to do YOUR instances!

…. What was the point of the quest again?  Oh… throw snowflakes at religious people.  Riiiiiight.  Does the Dwarf Pally count?  How about a bunch of Priests?  Oh… damn.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: Actual quest: 1 sprig of holly

                                    Listening to whining about quest: 5 sprigs of holly jabbed up the proverbial

10.  The Winter Veil Gourmet

Driving up the prices of small eggs and cooking consumables everywhere!  This one has three different pain in the rear levels (just because it’s special).  I fit squarely into pain level number 2, with a cooking skill of one and a good reputation with the Goblins.  Those unfortunate souls who decided to grind their Bloodsail rep AND neglected to level their cooking are, well, screwed.  Achievement requires 325 cooking.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: If you can cook:  1 sprig of holly

                                    If you can’t cook: 3 sprigs of holly

                                    If you are a non-cooking pirate: The whole holly bush jabbed up the proverbial!

11.  He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty

Opening presents is almost as fun as setting people on fire.  Almost.

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 0 holly jabbed up the proverbial

12.  A Frosty Shake

Get ahold of a snowman costume by doing the quests you need to do anyway.  Wait for it to land in your letterbox.  Make it to Dalaran without crashing.  /dance with another snowman while dressed as a snowman.  How hard can it get?  Well, it all depends on your net… and computer…

holly-icon1Pain in the ass level: 1 sprig of holly jabbed up the proverbial

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  1. Very nice list. I like the idea of holly jabbed up my ass…. Though i am a warlock and i think we can be merry in our own ways. Though right now when it comes 2 PVP i am in a complete and utter bad mood! Stupid gnome quest…warlocks cant do anything in PVP!

    There /rantoff.

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