1.  Been working on the Casual Guilds Are Not Easy! series a bit… have to make sure it is at least passable

2.  On a strange diet – one of those ‘you may only have revolting shakes and dinner’ type things.  Makes me grouchy!  My kingdom for a chocolate!  Hopefully will only be on it for a month at the most – it’s yukyukyuk!

3.  Christmas Christmas Christmas!  Been shopping, out to Christmas parties/dinners, organising… all that jazz

4.  Went to the beach the other day (was GLORIOUS by the way!)

5.  Re-reading the entire Dark Tower series.  Yes, that’s a hefty chunk of reading right there.  Up to number 5 already though.

Now, onto WoW related matters!

I simply had no motivation to play on the weekend, so.. I didn’t.  Hence, no levelling!  I think that it was a good idea for me to take a break from the game at any rate: I am one of those people who can not quest for extended periods of time without going a little bananas, and it was getting close to breaking point.  However, the little that I have played I have had a rocking time mucking about with Shadowflame (which I have deemed to be unappealing for instancing and raiding, but just fun to use), killing things left and right, drinking ENDLESS amounts of water/water substitutes, and running things with pals for fun and profit.  I am hoping to be 79-80 by the end of this weekend, although I think I am going out on the weekend and channeling some Dwarf (ie – Boozing), which will have an impact.

I still feel like my DPS is completely lacklustre compared to what it used to be, which makes me very sad.  I have also considered respeccing for a little *shhh, don’t tell anyone!* to Demon just to level a touch and play around.  I probably wont though… since I was determined to level the whole way to 80 as Destro.  While I am having fun being Destro, I do feel really powerless in instances.  I still manage to pull aggro like nothing else, but I no longer have the damage along with the threat generation.  Pain in the patoot, let me tell you!

Now, I AM planning on playing over the next couple of days, so hopefully I have something to report.





Did I mention I got drawn out to order a FigurePrint??  Score!

2 Responses to “A Post About Not Posting… and other stuff”
  1. Yeah, I have yet to figure out what Shadowflame is actually useful for. It is quite fun though…

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  2. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    It’s not useful at all from what I’ve seen. But I’ve been wrong before… and Blizzard eventually buffed the hell out of the spells we never used in the past. I mean… Spell/Fire Stones? EPIC! Rain of Fire? AWESOME! Well done Blizz, now just give us Nether Wings like Illidan and I’ll shut-up… for a while.. lol



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