halloween2 So, I didn’t get the pet for Hallowe’en.  However, I was lucky enough to score the sword, which resulted in some very evil looking flame throwing!  We all know that it is all about the appearances, right?

So, it’s the third day of NaBloPoMo.  I was going to make a video, since I haven’t work my glasses all day and now can barely see, but I could see myself well enough to be assured that I look hideous.  Funny how video days invariably fall on ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’ days.  Yes, they do exist.  On the plus side, it also means ‘Thin’ and ‘attractive’ days also exist – sometimes at the same time. 

Since the video idea failed, I am going to take a stab (with my new sword) at a BA Shared Topic!  Coming to you from Sydera@WoM:

What Kind of Warlock are You?

1.  You see a bunny hopping down the road.  You

a) Hug it!

b) DoT it, just to be disappointed when the first tick kills it

c) Blast it with the biggest nuke you have


2.  What is the most appealing aspect about being a Warlock?

a) Cloth is just so pretty!

b)  The ability to slowly and painfully kill someone is what being a Warlock is all about

c) Massive Pew Pew Powers!…. itty bitty escape ability!


3.  Which word best defines a Warlock?

a) Misunderstood

b) Evil

c) Monstrous


4.  Which is your favourite pet?

a) Imp: he’s so cute!

b) Felguard: Ugly, huge, and deadly

c) Pet?  Huh?  Oh, that annoying thing that follows me?  I just kill it!


5.  (Courtesy of Lassirra!) Would you rather:

a) flay someone alive and feed it to your demon (only if he was hungry!)

b) burn someone to a cinder, and feed the remains to your demon

c) all of the above



Mostly ‘A’s:  You are a kind hearted lock!

Shouldn’t you really be playing a priest or something?

Mostly ‘B’s: The Richard

You enjoy being utterly evil, and delight in making people feel pain for a looooong time.  You probably prefer the Affliction playstyle, and delight in scurrying around throwing DoTs everywhere

Mostly ‘C’s: The Nuke

You love seeing large numbers light up the screen, but still ensure that your enemies don’t have a completely painless death.  You probably invest lots of your points in Destruction, and pew pew with the best of them!

4 Responses to “What Kind of Lock am I?… (and other assorted Garbage)”
  1. I was a combo of A’s and B’s… so I’m uh… kind-hearted with a drop of evil? ;)

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  2. All B’s, except for the Pet one, where is the Felhunter love? Puppies ftw.

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  3. Evil… slow and agonizing death. *fades into memories with a grin*

    Wait. What were talking about?

    hydras last blog post..Empty Auction House

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  4. I, of course, am a Nuker. However, I like to think I am a Richard at heart :)

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