I have spent my weekend frantically levelling (my version of frantic that is -  a level a day), which has meant a lot of soloing.  Soloing of course generally means that I don’t have much to talk about – I just plug my way through the quests steadily, and have fun while I am doing it.  I was lucky enough today to meet no real jerks in the course of my playtime, although the guy who told me to ‘hurry up’ was slightly irritating, since I had said 2 seconds before that I would be a little while since I was at the bottom of a mine when I got the group invite, and had to fight my way out.  To compensate for that though I met a delightful Tauren DK who was appropriately named Cowface (or something similar).  He was soloing a group quest, and I could see that he was having some difficulty with it (it was a quite difficult quest – I can’t remember what it was called, but it’s the group quest in the Emerald Dragonshrine) so I helped him kill his mob. He paid me back by sticking around (for a few minutes, I might add) while I waited for the last party member to arrive and tanked him when we killed him.  Common decency is a great thing.

I have to say I have been getting a kick out of all the dragons that I have been seeing.  Yes, I squealed like a little girl when I saw Ysera (my favourite Dragon) and Alexstrasza.  I have always been fond of the Dragons in Warcraft, especially since they are imperfect creatures.  They make mistakes all the time!  I just hope nothing nasty happens to Ysera – bit it doesn’t look promising.

And Wrathgate!  Oh my God!  How incredibly awesome!  I have to admit, I got teary at the end of the quest chain (I won’t spoil it for people who haven’t done it yet).  It has now well and truly usurped Jailbreak as my favourite quest chain.  I actually got into a heated ‘discussion’ with Kalf at the end of the whole shemozzle about Varian Wrynn – I don’t feel so comfortable being a SW girl anymore, that’s for sure.

Finally, the cutest perk of the day?

Make sure you log in and get yours today!

2 Responses to “screenies and other goodies!”
  1. Haha, I have screen just like that that I took as soon as I got my Bear pet, couldn’t resist, now I have a little baby, white, me following me around ;)

    I’m a Hordie and gotta say the Wrathgate quest was amazing as well, probably worth the 40$ in itself.

    I’ve been helping out as many people I run into as possible, weather they be Horde or Ally. I’ll throw a few heals at some Horde friends, help dps a mob or two, etc. just for the good karma ;) But it doesn’t seem to be working, i’ve been ganked too too much by Ally who think they’re so cool for being able to take down a Druid who refuses to fight back…Usually I throw a /ponder and die seconds later…

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  2. Indeed, I have built up a HUGE amount of Karma helping people out and getting little in return. I figure, maybe Blizz is hoarding it and are planning to pay me back with some shiny epic loot! Of course, that would require fixing my dice, which I suspect were designed by a Gnomish Engineer.

    Keep with it I guess! The occasional person will appreciate it. A druid friend of mine had the same problem with the Horde – her character was bugged and was perma-flagged (I play on a PvE server), and the Horde all thought it was a fantastic opportunity to hand a bear her butt on a plate. Poor thing.

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