My constant companion and closest friend has finally given out on me. My gaming experiences will never be the same. I have lost the most integral part of how I use a computer.

My Mouse.

She’s Dead.

The mouse that was gifted to me by a boyfriend, and possibly one of the most thoughtful non-gifts I have ever received. It was thrown to me with a gruff ‘eh, I have a new one now… take it’ which disguised the pleasure I am assuming he had in giving it to me. She was battle scarred, beaten and bruised, but this just added to her character, and as I added my own marks and dings she became my own. We trekked through Azeroth together, levelling and wiping raids with the accidental nudge of the auto run button it had on the side. She cushioned my hand as I twisted and turned my way through endless runs of Scholomance and Stratholme, right clicked on COUNTLESS boars in Hellfire, and mined her way around the world.

I fear that I have taken advantage of her over the years I had the enjoyment of her company. She has been dropped, thrown, sat on, trodden on and most every other possibility that a mouse could have. The frustration of dying and wiping and repeating the same mistakes over and over was taken out on my blameless mouse. She has hurtled across the room at horrific speeds, slamming into walls and floors, and then performed her duties like nothing had ever happened. Very forgiving, is my mouse.

She has had no real mat until the end of her days, when she got a CE mouse pad. Whether this attributed to her demise, I do not know. All I know is that she was unable to charge herself any more, and thus, she has passed.

Farewell, Beloved Mousie. God Speed.

On a serious note, this is the closest I can see to my beloved Mousie. The model I have is far too old to be on their website, since she is at LEAST two years old. I have had her for 2 years, and she was a bit old then. My upgrade? Probably a new version of the same mouse. I do love my Logitech devices. I am tempted to splurge on the shiny shiny Air, but it would be next to useless for gaming (much more suited for media applications etc), so I would buy the Revolution anyway.

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  1. Once again I’m going to reitterate getting a good wired mouse. I’ve had far too many problems with wireless mice over the years. But it’s your decision.

    I’ve got this one, and it’s wonderful :

    iSamurais last blog post..iSamurai: @Saresa Get a proper mouse ;) Wired FTW. I’ve learned my lesson, switched to a Razer and never looked back.

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  2. This twitter post thing is pretty awesome too BTW

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  3. Aww I feel your pain. I had a great mouse that I loved each and every time I was on my computer until one day after an extremely frustrating PvP endevour, she was visciously hurled across the room to her demise.

    But on the upside I bought the Sidewinder by Microsoft after some research and I absolutely love it! Apart from being awesome for FPS games which I play a lot of, it has vertical side buttons instead of the horizontal ones you see in pretty much every other mouse. For PvP I set those for strafing which makes it extremely easy to run circles around others.

    Ah I love it, I would highly recommend it if your willing to spend the money and if you will use all of its features. The vertical side buttons are the selling point for me, I wouldn’t have them any other way. Oh, its corded also so no more battery problems.. but some people prefer cordless.

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  5. Luckily, I haven’t ever had a mouse die on me for good. I would be very sad if mine did now though. The Revolution you linked is very good – my bf uses that mouse and has had it for quite a bit with no problems.

    Personally, I prefer the smaller version of it – VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks – the reason I chose it over the Revolution is that it’s smaller and therefore more comfortable for my hand. (Although if you’ve been using the similar older one, maybe that doesn’t matter.) However, it is a bit cheaper. That’s never bad.

    Either way, I second the Logitech loyalty.

    Aneas last blog post..Comforts of the familiar

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  6. Ang, before you ditch the old faithful, you might want to check around, my particular mouse (Logitech, OC) has no user servicable battery, but… thank god for google :)

    and voila, a permanent cordless, with easy battery replacement :)

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