So… a few days in and I am already struggling for something to talk about. Terrible, isn’t it? A small part of me is wondering if it is because I am forcing myself to write, which in some small yet ridiculous way is stifling my creativity. *shrugs* So, in search for something interesting, creative, and fun, I am taking a page out of Larisa’s book (since she is so infinitely awesome), and interviewing myself. Thanks to the people in BA Chat and Twitter for some questions!

1. How do you sleep at night?

Surprisingly well, considering the amount of killing I indulge in during the day. OK, in all seriousness – I am a pretty horrid sleeper, up every 2 or 3 hours, and I toss and turn a lot. I put most of it down to the fact I suffered from insomnia through most of high school, sleeping less than 2 hours most nights.

2. How many different types of soaps are in your home?

Oooh, toughy. What is classified as soap? I have 3 different body washes, 2 varieties of bubble bath, and a passionfruit body scrub style thing, as well as a couple of bars of soap, and the weird soap like substance on my razor. I also have antibacterial soap on the bathroom vanity. I like to be clean. So much so that I also have a hand bag sized version of that antibacterial stuff (Aqium? *shrugs*) you can use without wetting your hands. Yes, I am a bit of a clean freak!

3. Do you have nightmares of the toons you kill in WoW?

Hardly ever! My hatred of the Horde is well documented, and I figure that they deserve to die. I don’t even feel bad for killing critters! I delight in it, actually. I figure, I occasionally decide to help one of them out when they are dying… and they then let me die instead. However, I did have a nightmare once that 3 sets of my T5 pants dropped and they gave them to warriors… weird.

4. Do you believe in life after WoW?

Hmmm. There must be something out there somewhere. Surely… If anyone finds it, give me a buzz, kk?

Much of my non WoW life is spent with my head stuck in a book. I love books, to the extent where I chose a profession which encourages other people to stick their heads in books. When I found out Scribes could make books, I was thrilled to tiny pieces. I would probably try to write a novel post-WoW… itwouldn’t be much good, but I would try anyway.

5. What is the secret ingredient?

Anasophilis. Yes. Anasophilis. Plus a dash of brimstone, a little flint, and there you have it.

6. What is the Derivative fraction of your combines possible DPS on a level 73 boss multiplied by the amount of shadow damage coefficient?


7. If I owned you so hard in PVP it deleted your warlock, would you cry IRL? (from Tigor)

Of course I would! Of course, seeing as I am so infinitely awesome, it just wouldn’t happen. No, this is not an invitation to a duel!

If Sar was ever somehow deleted, I am not sure what I would do. Well, obviously I would try to get her back, or make a new version of her, but it wouldn’t be the same. I imagine it would be like a much worse version of when I lost a drawing I spent hours on in primary school (turns out I accidentally left it outside, but it rained and it got destroyed). I was so upset, since I put a huge amount of effort in to it, and it was completely ruined. It is probably silly (and some would say a sign of unhealthy addiction to the game) to be so attached to a few pixels, but there you have it.

8. What is your favourite achievement?

I do love the ‘To all the Squirrels I have loved before’ achievement. Solely because you can /love DEAD critters! No, not in THAT kind of way, I’m Human, not Undead!

9. If you could get your warlock as chocolate statue would you eat it?

Probably not. I’d put her in a special refrigerated cabinet. The temptation would be difficult to resist, but I think I could do it. Could she summon chocolate imps for me to eat instead?

10. Are you planning to take over the world?

To answer this correctly, let me show you this reproduction of a circa 2000 illustration of mine:


Yes, that’s right. I rule the world. It was ordained in a Maths lesson all those years ago – what was written can not be unwritten, and thus it is so. Bow to me!

11. Is there a warlock conspiracy to get the rogue class removed from the game?

Well, to be totally honest, we *is suddenly gagged by a bunch of angry and mysterious warlocks dressed in ninja clothes* mmmofmmnnrfff mmnfffoooof.

12. Is it true that you and Matticus have had relations?

Unfortunately, I think that geographical and class differences will always be in the way of that. Besides, he’s a dwarf. I do have standards, y’know?… OK, OK, I lie. We all know I have no standards. I’m just not that lucky, truth be told.

13. What is it like admiring an awesome druid such as myself? (From Kalf)

All I can say is this: Psh. If I admired you so much, would I have peed in your moonwell?

In all honesty, I must say that playing WoW with people like Kalf has really made the game for me. Kalf has always been there to encourage me along, and we have had some really interesting times together. Kalf and I have known each other for, oh, almost 2 years? What a 2 years it has been.

14. Does your mount have a name?

Hell no. It’s a summoned slave who should consider itself lucky to carry my awesome ass around Azeroth. The only thing I have ever named is Squidy. <3 Squidy.

15. Staff or Dagger?

Daggers FTW!

16. Favourite pet?

Traathun the Felhunter

17. Are there girls on the internet?

Not at the moment, we are all currently taking over everything else.

18. Fiction or Non Fiction?

Ooooh, toughy! Fiction by a hair.

19. Which class would you like to have a 70 of?

Priests have always intrigued me, I just can’t seem to level mine past 26.

20. How long is a piece of string?

Thirteen of some unit of measure. Feet? Inches? Cubits?

Credit must be given where it is due: Inspiration/outright copying of questions from the following

Aylii/Makea, Kalfurion, Kagrra and Tigorasou at The Druid Team, and Yashima. Hope I didn’t miss anyone!

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  1. Antibacterial soap!? That’s a bit weird, isn’t it? I love to get a peek into your secrets… I’m so curious about other people. Thank’s for sharing.It was very fun and nice reading and SO much more entertaining than my boring questions to myself. You really shouldn’t have given me any credit at all, especially since the 20 questions-form comes from Matticus.

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  2. I was waiting impatiently … what took you so long to answer these :P I wonder … about that conspiracy …

    (Thx for the linkage)

    Yashimas last blog post..A Storm is coming

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