Just sharing some happy snappys from the release day!  The Flickr thing below has all the photos I took on the day, including some photos that I took along the way because I was bored.  They show the riveting scenery along the freeway, and then the stupid traffic in Sydney, and a couple from the actual release.  I know this post is a few days late as well… the internet where I was staying was completely borked and evil.








The Trip

I left for Sydney after work yesterday, which made it a rather long day. The trip took about 3 hours altogether, not including a stop along the way.

13112008020 I had to grab some snack food to hold me until dinner. I’m sure TJ would have approved. The Frozen Coke unfortunately didn’t stay frozen for too long – it was a boiling hot day and it melted faster than I could drink it. My lil buzzbox vehicle has no air conditioning, so it was like an oven.

Of course, when I got to Sydney the traffic was incredibly snarly. I looked at my watch as I excited the freeway and noticed it was right on 5 o’clock. Dang. The trip through Sydney (about 20km to where I was going) took almost as long as the trip down the freeway (well over 100km). My poor clutch foot was dying, and the car didn’t get out of second gear for most of the time.

Fortunately, by the time I arrived in Sydney I still had plenty of time to catch a fast nap and have some dinner.

The Event

All in all it went very smoothly. EB opened their doors at 10pm to allow people to pay for their pre order, so when midnight hit we just had to show our docket and pick it up. This gave us lots of time to sit around. I was disappointed at the lack of conversation between the people who were waiting – everyone basically stuck in their little cliques and didn’t talk to anyone else. I was shocked that a couple of people brought their very young children – I suppose it would be difficult to get a sitter on a Thursday night, but the kids didn’t enjoy it too much.

There weren’t as many people apparently as there was for the Burning Crusade launch, which could explain the lack of free pizza.

By 12.30 I had a CE in my hot little hands!

14112008046P.S: Anyone who asks me if I am pregnant in the photos gets slapped silly!  No, I am not pregnant – just getting fat!!  People keep asking me when I am due, and it’s getting annoying.

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  1. LOL, those are the best pics of me ever!

    Kalfurions last blog post..It Has Begun!

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  2. I guess it’s compensation for being the worst ever of me. Or close to, anyway.

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  3. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    Bah, I like the pics. Plus the LK event was awesome and totally worth standing in line at midnight :D

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