To all my admirers,

I know I am wonderful beyond all imagining. My accent with its hidden ‘r’ noises and whiny twang is music to your ears. My propensity to throw smiley faces at the end of sentences or to giggle helplessly every time you say something makes me appear ‘charming’ – or stupid, but since you admire me so, let’s go with charming. My masterful use of the words ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’ (something much of the population has forgotten about) indicate that I am thoughtful and polite in all forms of company. However, despite these wonderful characteristics I apparently display, pursuing me is NOT A GOOD IDEA. To remind you why, here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions. (By frequently asked: yes, I have actually been asked most of these things)

Will you have my babies?

No, I will not have your children. Unless you live in Ohio, where I am still legally allowed to breed.

Are you a girl?

Yes, I am a girl. My name, appearance and voice would seem to indicate that. Even better, I have always been female. For some of you, that alone puts me out of reach.

Are you English?

I live in Australia. Not England. This means I am not a gorgeous English Rose, but rather a crass Aussie Bogan. If you met me you would be horribly disappointed. I burp loudly, don’t excuse myself, and point out people who look funny in public.

Can you please make me some water?

I’m a Warlock. Not a Mage. Get that through your head. Warlock = awesome. Mage = awesomely inferior to a Warlock.

I can help you find your way to the light ;)  OR Can you show me life on the Dark Side?

Being a Warlock means I am inherently evil. No, you can’t help me find my way out of the Dark Side. No, I wont try to bring you over to the Dark Side either. Frankly, you just aren’t cool enough.

Wouldn’t you be happier being good?  I can help you come to the good side.

The afore mentioned Dark Side generally refers to Star Wars. I am a lock, not Darth Vader. I enjoy being evil. Have you ever noticed how most villains are portrayed as being tormented or miserable? Nup, that’s not me, I love being engaging in torturous deeds on innocent strangers. Killing babies is fun!

OMG I love you!  Do you have a fan club!

7. There IS an Official Sar Fan Club. You DO have to pay to join. I WONT sign anything.

Can you…

…Ew. I am especially not signing that.

<3 Sar.

P.S. To all the freaky Sar admirers out there: Saresa/Angela is purchasing her copy of Wrath of the Lich King at the midnight release at EB Games at Westfield Burwood, NSW. I will be with two rather questionable characters: Kalf from The Tree House, and a good friend from one of her guilds. I will be easily spotted because a) you have all seen me on video, and know what I look like, and b) I will probably be wearing my ‘I Tank With My Face!’ T-shirt. No guarantees on the shirt, that depends on me remembering to pack it.
Odds are, none of my admirers are Australian. However, admirer or not, if you are in the area for some strange reason, pop by and say hello.
11 Responses to “Open Letter to my Random Admirers”
  1. You better remember to pack your shirt. Me and Sean will be wearing our Alliance shirts :P

    Kalfurions last blog post..Ambassador with the White Drake

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  2. Dam im not in Australia >_<. Im over 3000 miles away AT LEAST! Im on the east coast of the US. Well i’ll be camping out at my local Gamestop in NY… yeah. NO one knows me /cry.

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  3. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    Where do I sign up for this fanclub… lol

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  4. Ohio? Never liked the place. They don’t often allow me out of Indiana. :-)

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  5. While I didn’t ask the question, I do oddly live in Ohio. :O

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  6. If I lived anywhere near there, I’d come along. :P

    Softis last blog post..Boomkeks are for FUN!

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  7. :P I love the R thing. It makes me so filled with joy you wouldn’t believe. And didn’t you know guys are attracted to the locks who play hard-to-get? :P They’re everywhere… and they want you. (I’d protect you but I’m busy leveling, sorry!)

    Kagrras last blog post..Macro: Hidden Party Frame

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  8. “Mage = awesomely inferior to a Warlock.”

    *snarl.. grrr*

    Just cause you can’t turn things into cute little penguins and then SMASH em in the face doesn’t mean you got to go around jabbin’ us. lol

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  9. NO ath! you can not sign that…..she already said “no”. lol
    And Sar, smiley faces only enhance and bring out that special part of your locky self that makes you that much more evil. :)
    And Sar….remember if it’s illegal in Ohio…’s prolly legal in Alaska….come and visit lol

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  10. ‘Can you please make me some water?’ my lock sometimes gets this. as well as ‘Can you make me a port?’

    prettywows last blog can watch a movie while waiting

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  11. I wish I had a fanclub… /cry

    But what to expect when I’m a guy? It doesn’t matter that all my characters are female. I am still as much a man I was before. /cry-some-more

    I am jealous of you getting the expansion. I pre-ordered it from the UK (it was half the price compared to Swedish stores) so I’ll have to wait a week, a week and a half. /cry-yet-some-more

    Johan Nilssons last blog post..Johans wowcast: Avsnitt 4

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