I am one of those people who is forever complaining about lack of bag space.  I run out of room for things all the time, and often end up deleting valuable items just to clear out some space.  I have never really figured out how I run out of room for things, until the other day.

I had a look in my bags, and discovered the following:

  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 5 rings
  • 3 trinkets
  • 3 helms
  • 2 chest pieces
  • 2 bracers
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of gloves.
  • 5 sets of shoulders
  • 3 belts.











Really, I don’t know why I feel compelled to keep these things, but I am one of those people who finds it hard to throw things away.  You never know, they may be useful some day!  I have every piece of Warlock specific gear in my bank, and I will never get rid of those.  I also have items I crafted which took me a lot of work to make, because I can never bring myself to get rid of those.  A great deal of it however, is useless garbage.  I still have my Kara ring lying around, not that it will ever be useful, and several other silly items.  I know I should throw them out, but every time I go to, my inner pack rat stops me.  ‘Awww, but it might be useful…’; ‘What memories that has…’

Help, someone!  I have pack rat-itis!

I think pack rat-itis is a common ailment amongst WoW players.  I have heard many people wonder why they keep strange items, but then can not bring themselves to throw it out.  I myself have kept strange quest rewards, because a small part of me has wondered whether these useless tokens might suddenly become necessary for something.  Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?

Then there are the people who have their bank spaces meticulously organised, with every item carefully catalogued and every useless item discarded.  To them, a bank is a useful inventory of items.  To me, it’s somewhere to throw my crap at the end of the day, or when I need bag space to raid.  Guild banks were a boon for me (and hell for GM’s) – random ore I don’t want?  Guild bank!  Motes I don’t think I’ll ever use?  Guild bank?  Glyphs left over that I can’t sell?  Guild bank!!  Save room in my own bank, and clutter up the guild bank!  I suppose this is a small answer to pack rat-itis, any how…

What about your bank?  Are you meticulous, or a grubby pig like myself?  Eeeek, too many animal metaphors!

Note on the picture:  That is my awesome collection of work shoes from this week.  I tend to kick them off once I am in the study, so the study is more like my shoe closet.  <3 shoes!

8 Responses to “Learning to Throw Things Away”
  1. I’m both a packrat and an organizer. I keep a lot of random stuff I won’t throw away… You can see my bank in one of my posts.

    Loronars last blog post..Barrage, New and Improved

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  2. Reading the list of things you have in your bags I would have thought you played a Druid – nothing wrong with that if you are a Druid :) Of course as a Warlock …

    I noticed it helps being a Disenchanter … my second Druid has a remarkably empty inventory.

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  3. But then I threw away all my necrotic runes after the Naxx opening event. And then look what happened. Another invasion! How I wished I’d kept those initial runes as I was competing with what seemed like the rest of the server to kill more scourge…

    And as for the fact I just had to go farm Ony for some scales as we decided to do a BWL fun run and I’d long since binned my Ony Cloak…

    So yes, hoarding can have a purpose at times! :)

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  4. If Blizzard gave us our own Guild Bank-style tabs, we wouldn’t have to get rid of so much stuff.
    I still have pre-BC gear in my bank – most of it I probably will never use again, but some things you just might suddenly want (eg UBRS key for the Jenkins Achievement).

    I threw away my Robe of the Void when BC came out; I wish I had kept it now, just for social events, and looking different than everyone else!

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  5. I have lots of stuff from various places filling up my bank and bags. But the need for funds for my epic mount forced me to empty things out. But I still have only 4 empty spaces in my bank. lol

    I will forever keep my Defias Ring(ah what a fun night body hopping with my guildmates!), my transporter to Gnomer, my Mara teleporter thing, fishing gear, halloween gear, warlock-only grim reaper staff – I opted for this over the more useful robes because this thing will come in handy with costumes and the robes would end up being vendored! Oi I have way more stuff than I’ve named and I know the higher in level I get the more crap I’ll collect and keep.

    Toies last blog post..Achievements!

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  6. Yeah..im a pack rat in my wow bank also. I got old gear, primals, quest items etc.

    Yet irl im a neat freak and cant stand something being out of place…weird.

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  7. I’m a packrat, but I’m an organized packrat. I used baggins for my bags, and I have all sorts of different categories for all my stuff – it all has it’s place. I’m pack-ratty about old armor that’s pretty or means something to me. I *ought* to give some of it up, but I keep it.

    Aneas last blog post..Addon list

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  8. I loved this post, because you’re describing me. I usually spend hours on my main and various alts to clear at least one or two bags before a raid. :) I have constantly lack of bag and bank space. As well as room for new quests. I fill up the 25 quests limit so fast. I have probably a full quest log before level 25. :) The reason why I have so cluttered everywhere is probably twofold: 1) I hate throwing away stuff (same IRL), 2) I absolutely LOVE to craft stuff. Therefor I love to have stuff lying around and when I learn a new recipe I can instantly craft like 15 of them at once.

    Johan Nilssons last blog post..Johans wowcast: Avsnitt 4

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