Well, NaBloPoMo has been well and truly ruined for this year, as I am sure some of you noticed.  I was away for a couple of days, and the internet connection there was so truly horrible that I was unable to post anything to the blog – it just outright refused to work.  Let’s just say that is the last time I go away for a launch of a game!  I was looking very forward to playing heaps of WoW when I installed Wrath, but alas, that was not meant to be.  I guess I am well behind the levelling curb as well.  To say I am incredibly annoyed is an understatement, but clearly it was just meant to be that way.

However, my time that I have been able to spend in game has been very enjoyable.  I decided to start off at the scenic Howling Fjord, and the quests there have not been disappointing.  Being killed by the Lich King was well and truly worth the death as well.  I didn’t know before that the Lich King was a Shaman!  At least, that’s what he professed to be when he was toying with my body.

I had also forgotten how very different the playstyle is for everyday questing compared to raiding.  While I have been questing in a group with Kalf the whole way through (who betrayed his resto roots and went boomkin), I still have to adapt to the fast paced, mobile questing playstyle.  Admittedly, the insane latency and poor framerate haven’t helped a great deal on that one.

I also have to admit that in some ways I am jealous of everyone who was able to race to 80.  I am still plodding along slowly at level 72, but honestly I don’t think that I would enjoy myself if I was levelling any faster anyway.  As I have said many times, I find questing to be a huge grind, and the more I push myself through it the more I hate it.

One moment which I enjoyed in particular (for no other reason than it highlighting my own stupidity!) was completing the Meditation quest.  The quest itself was fairly simple – trek to the top of a mountain, meditate for a brief period of time, and then kill the nasty side of yourself, since it objects fairly strenuously to being evicted.  Afterwards we proceeded to climb back down the mountain, and jumped a little bit of the way off… and kept drifting further and further outwards.  We were certain that death was coming our way… and then we noticed the slow fall buff that we got after completing the quest.  Duh!

We finished up in Howling Fjord (getting the 140 quest achievement), and made our way out to Dragonblight.  I have fallen in love with the Tuskarr – they are so adorable, roly poly and huggable!  While Dragonblight looks just a touch more… gloomy than Howling Fjord, it does look like a lot of fun.

Quests Which Are Bugged

‘I’ve Got A Flying Machine!’ – only one of the bags is able to be retrieved by the flying machine.  It is still very difficult to do.  I would recommend skipping this until a hotfix is in place.

- ‘Gambling Debt’ – To complete this quest, you need to do the four quests Silvermoon Harry gives you first.  When I completed the four quests, it still did not want to work for me.  Oddly, after trying several times and giving up and walking away, he aggroed to me 5 minutes later.  Confused me for a bit – I wondered who the heck could be casting Scorch on me, turned around and there he was.  He was still easy to kill, despite him getting half my health off before I realised what was happening.

Other Quest Tips

Falcon Versus Hawk – I found that making a macro helped a great deal.

/tar Fjord Hawk

/cast Trained Rock Falcon

- Scare the Guano Out of Them! – make sure you set the crackers off right below the bats.  It helps to have shadows turned up.

- It Goes to 11… – Ensure that you aim for the spines of the roofs.  You need to hit the very top centre of the roofs for this to work.  Also ensure that you don’t bomb too many buildings in a row – you need to survive the attacks that come after bombing a building.  I bombed 2, killed the defenders, then bombed the third and killed a couple of defenders to get my 8.

4 Responses to “In Which Sar Quests… and Quests… And Quests in Howling Fjord”
  1. I deny being moonkin, you can’t prove it!

    Kalfurions last blog post..It Has Begun!

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  2. Moonkin can heal fine :D I know it, I’ve done it :D

    I’m only 71.5 and instead of leveling more levels, I leveled my Fishing … don’t hurry. Questing is so nice … it just gets stupid when you let yourself get hurried by the pace some of the fast-levelers set.

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  3. The Tuskarr are great! I loved the quest in Borean Tundra where you have to fight Heigarr the Horrible and his men.
    The Longboats pull up to the ice, the Vikings, (er Hvaldir or whatever they are called) jump off the boat, and you fight them on the ice floes alongside the Tuskarr- brilliant!
    I stayed to help out the little guys long after I had fulfilled the quest requirements because it was so much fun (and besides, how can you just leave when one of them has 2 or 3 baddies attacking him at once?).

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  4. Take your time with questing! I know it can be a grind, but I’ve really enjoyed some of the stuff Blizz has done. Sure, there are still a bunch of “Bring me 12 livers from mutated creatures” types of quests, but there are some really cool things out there, too.

    Isisxotics last blog post..Gearing Your Shadowpriest for Naxx 10

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