sadpandaI did have a whole huge blog post planned out for today, but as I have been sick, and I came home from work feeling rather down in the dumps… I just don’t feel all that into it.  Of course, a lot of the work thing is my own fault – wasn’t feeling the best on Friday, probably took a couple of lazy shortcuts that I shouldn’t have taken since I was sick, and they have come back to bite me on the bum.  Tomorrow is going to be very horrific indeed.  Oh well, probably serves me right!

Anyway, this means that any big long wonderful blog post that I was going to write is now postponed.  I apologise.  There will be something hugely spectacular (!!!) tomorrow.  Well, maybe ‘hugely spectacular’ is an exaggeration. However, there should be something of substance.

In the meantime, there is an abundance of posts where people are reflecting upon their time in BC, and thinking about their future.  As this is something that is on my mind (and most everyone else’s, from what I can gather) I am sure that you will enjoy these. For recommendations, well… I’d just try most any WoW blog.  Pop up to the top, click on ‘Blogroll’ (which woefully needs updating…), and try your luck!

One Response to “Apologies!”
  1. Buck up lil’trooper, it’ll all be OK. Who knows, your shortcuts might be seen as brilliant strokes of genius. Hope you begin to feel better soon.

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