A major aspect of any expansion release is the wave of people changing guilds.  The gear reset provides the perfect opportunity to move to a guild which is more in line with your current goals and ideas.  This is both a blessing and a burden for those who wish to change guilds – more guilds are recruiting, but there is an awful lot more competition for those raid spots.  This means you need to be impressive on all counts, and a major part of this is presenting a good application.  You could be the best player in the world – if your application sucks, no one is going to give you the chance to even test your skills.

There is a plethora of application guides out there.  By and large, my favourite is written by Auzara, GM Extraordinaire. However, sometimes you want a little more than a generic guide into how to answer it.  Think of this as your Destruction Lock Application Crib Sheet!

Each of these questions have been selected from a variety of guild applications.  I am not going to put links to the guild sites where I pinched them from, simply because they are fairly standard style questions that you will find most anywhere.  Likewise, I am not going to put answers to questions that are Warlock-irrelevant, since that would just be rehashing old ground!  My main advice for applications is to read the instructions carefully, read the questions carefully, read your answers carefully – that’s right, read the whole damn thing carefully!  I don’t know how many times I have seen people mess up the most basic instructions, and it makes me so frustrated.

OK, so here goes!

Armory Link: Not especially Warlock related, but something that I haven’t noticed anyone mention.  When you put in your Armory link, I always appreciate it if you link your talent build in WoWHead or something similar.  Why the repetition?  The Armory is not always online, and anything that speeds up the ability of the guild to assess your character is going to move things along a lot faster.

Why did you allocate your talent points where you did? 

As a Destruction lock, this is going to be a difficult one to manage.  With Destruction providing little raid utility, and less damage than Affliction, justifying your choice in sticking with Destro is going to be hard to do.  My reasoning for the spec I will be running with at 80 (initially at least, testing is not yet complete obviously) will be this:

‘My talents are chosen specifically to increase the damage I deal in a raid situation.  Specifically, I have chosen to forego Shadow based talents in recognition of Fire being the stronger school in the Destruction tree.  However, I have strengthened my Corruption and Curse of Agony in the Affliction tree as I will be using these spells constantly to try and proc Molten Core.  I have also chosen to take some talents which improve my survivability in raid situations, with Improved Soul Leech allowing me the occasional self heal, and also relieving pressure on healers when I Life Tap’.

While this may not be a perfect grade-A answer, there are a couple of things about this structure which work well.  Firstly, I talked about the tree in general, and why I overall made the selection that I did.  I then chose to highlight a couple of specific talents, and I discussed the ones which would appear to be a less obvious choice to anyone not intimately familiar with the tree.  This shows a knowledge of Warlock talents and what they are useful for, and also a knowledge of the three things we need to be successful in raiding – damage output, survivability, and utility (to a much lesser extent).

In your opinion, what do skilled players of your class and spec contribute to 25-man raiding?

This is a chance to show how well you know and love your class.  One thing which always makes me sad is when I see people answer ‘Damage!’.  There is much more to the Warlock class, and an answer that brief shows that you either don’t know your class well, or that you just can not think outside of the square.

‘Skilled Warlocks are able to contribute many things to a 25 man group.  Destruction Warlocks are able to offer a group buff (generally the ‘Blood Pact’ buff, but ‘Fel Intellect’ is also an option if required), excellent situational Crowd Control abilities through the use of Banish and Enslave, a wide variety of powerful debuffs in the form of curses, and high ranged DPS.  Destruction Warlocks are also moderately mobile with our ability to DoT targets, and need not rely on one school of damage where bosses have resistances or immunities.  Warlocks have the ability to buff their own weapons, which increases our damage output.  We also provide summons, healthstones and soulstones where necessary.

Skilled Warlocks can take advantage of these characteristics of the class and keep damage output at a respectable level, while ensuring that they do whatever a fight requires for them to survive.’

The biggest issue that I am having at the moment is that I can not think of a reason why a Destro lock would be valuable to a raid.  Quite honestly, I think that Affliction is going to be a much more viable raiding tree, with increased damage, mobility and survivability.  I expect that Destro warlocks will have to play very well in trial runs to prove their worth.  Hopefully we get some form of damage increase or more utility in the future.

You are preparing for a raid.  What do you pack?

This one is a bit of a toughy at the moment, and would require some research to discover what is best for you.  Unfortunately, I could not find a good list of Wrath Flasks and Elixirs.  Since the question is generic (that is, doesn’t name particular raids), you would probably be forgiven for not naming any particular resist or tanking gear. I would list: at least 40 shards; 2 flasks; 10 guardian and 10 battle elixirs; 2 stacks of bandages; and 2 stacks of your preferred raid food.  As a rough guide, this is what I packed for BC raiding:

- 2 Flasks (our raids ran 4 hours, and I preferred Flasks to an Elixir combo)

- 1 stack of Spell Damage Food (Blackened Basilisk/Crunchy Serpent)

- I stack of Spell Crit Food (Skullfish Soup)

- 50 Shards

- 2 Wizard Oil (Brilliant if I had the gold, Superior otherwise) (no longer relevant!)

- 10 – 20 Health Potions

I didn’t pack bandages because my First Aid sucks.  This is really not acceptable for applying to a raid guild.  I also didn’t run with a trash set/boss set of gear, I didn’t think it was necessary and my trash DPS was still significant.

Successful raiding is as much about preparation as it is about execution.  When you’re not raiding, what are you doing to prepare for challenging raids?

This question is basically there to ensure that you know the basics of preparing for a raid.  I stole this question from one of the ‘uber-guild’ forums on Cenarius.  In my mind, this means that they are expecting more than ‘I do dailies for gold and watch the videos’.  Most of the things you do in your non raiding time can be used to answer this question – you just need to put a raid related spin on it.

PvP – ‘I regularly engage in arena based PvP as it allows me to learn how to use the different abilities of my class in a wide variety of situations.  Often the creative use of abilities can translate well into PvE content, and also ensures that I do not fall into the ‘stand and pewpew’ mentality.

Dailies – ‘I spend a small amount of my play time completing dailies to ensure that I can always afford the best quality consumables and gear enhancements’

Instances – ‘I run instances to test possible specs and spell rotations.’  A big added plus in my opinion if you test regularly on test dummies.  Testing new rotations on dummies shows an element of foresight which many people forget about, and also gives you a vague idea of which rotations are most successful (but remember – often you will not have full raid buffs in testing, and you are able to stand and nuke)

Research – ‘I regularly research boss encounters on a variety of forums, and watch relevant videos of these encounters.  However, I do understand that reading a strat does not mean that strat is the only possible way to down a boss.  I also regularly read my class forums on Elitist Jerks, and other useful websites such as …(think the Warlock’s Den, etc)’ Note – please don’t put down my blog!  I really don’t think this place would be seen as an adequate research tool!  If you do link blogs, link to informative and useful posts, which are referenced very well.


I am sure that there are many different variations of these questions on guild applications, and possibly questions which I haven’t thought of.  However, these are the generic sorts of questions which most GOOD guild applications will ask you (at least regarding playing your class, there are also many more non class related questions).  Obviously take the points I have raised into consideration, but make the answers your own.  No one wants to see a bunch of copied material, and you ultimately are selling yourself, not someone else.

SHAMELESS PLUG:  Conquest (Ner’zhul, Alliance) is a progression guild that is currently recruiting for Wrath of the Lich King 25 mans.  They are currently seeking skilled Warlocks to fill their roster.  I imagine successful applicants would have similar goals to the guild, be progression focused and have a deep knowledge of their class.  For more information, I would suggest looking at their website.

9 Responses to “A Warlock’s Primer to Guild Applications”
  1. Nice article and while I really don’t know much about Warlocks or raiding it provided me with some insight into both worlds :) If I wanted our own Warlocks to leave and apply for raiding guilds I’d show them :P

    Yashimas last blog post..The Clown Factor

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  2. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    OMG Sar, where’s the Destro Love! LOL

    <3 Ath

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  3. @Ath I still love my Destro!! I just wish it had more damage or utility – all the parses I saw from beta showed Aff handing us our butts on a platter :-(

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  4. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    Possibly… but DPS is just as much about skill and gear than a certain spec. I’ve seen Affliction Locks and Demon Locks perform very well, but from my personal experience, a skilled Destro Lock still deals more damage and often provides more utility than todays Affliction and Demon. We provide the Blood Pact and are still capable of most other types of raid utilities such as Summoning, Health Stones, Soulstones, Banishes, and controlled fears. Of course… I’m just a lobbyist for all the Destro’s out there.

    <3 Ath :)

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  5. We have oddly enough had three warlocks apply to us right before expansion, all being Destro. We only took one of them, who was resolutely Destro but as you suggested – could make a good case for being specc’d that way, as well as conceded that if Destro wasn’t fixed by 80, they’d change. I like that and I love your suggestions. If only more of our applicants were as thoughtful …

    Oriniwens last blog post..It’s Been One Week

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  6. @Athlantar – Why are you using Blood Pact if you are Destro? Sacrifice ftw, even after it got nerfed, surely?

    As for Healthstones, with the nerf that only lets 1 Stone be used in a raid, the chances are that Demo locks are going to be handing out the best one.

    Affliction raid utility got nerfed, so the only benefit they give to the raid these days is Fel Intellect and Curse of Elements.

    I can’t think of a time when I used Enslave in a raid. Have you used it before?

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  7. Athlantar - Sen'jin says:

    @Vlad – “Why Blood Pact?” Because the idea of a Sac/Destro Build is long gone with 3.0, and many locks around the world can’t wrap their mind around it. Shadow is dead and is no longer the Destro’s Mainstay; today it’s fire, and it’s all about the Haste (Major) and Crit (Minor). Your Imp is your new best friend in the DPS club. Also, I feel that Chaos Bolt is a vital part of the Destro Fire rotations, and taking the DS would remove the possiblity. As for Healthstones, that’s debatable. I have 2/2 HS with a Heavy Destro Build but thats hardly proof on Destro superiority. Though it is proof that Destro’s can provide it. <3 <3 <3

    -Ath :)

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  8. I am afraid I probably won’t have imp HS. I was toying around with it, but couldn’t quite make up my mind whether it was worth losing the damage. I don’t really NEED the extra range on Corr. and Curses, but I found it was really bugging me not having it, especially on some fights (Illidan, Prince, I’m looking at you!) where either the mechanic or other people in the raid made it impossible for me to stand in range for my Aff spells.

    @Ath – I forgot to mention – controlled fear has gone the way of the dodo :-(. At least, I think it has. 3.0.2 changed the ‘non-fearable’ part of CoR, so enemies with CoR will still run around feared. I haven’t tried to test it to check if they changed it back since though.

    @Vlad Unless something major changes, Sac Spec is indeed dead. I use a mixture of fire spells and shadow (my rotation being something along the lines of CoA, Corr, Imm, Inc Inc Inc, with CB being thrown everytime the cooldown is up). I don’t use Conflag though, I still think the GCD eats DPS, even with Backdraft and haste, not to mention it makes a spell rotation about 10 times more complicated. I might play around with it at 80, we’ll see.

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  9. Ah well, I’m Affliction, and haven’t been Destro since pre-BC, so what do I know?
    I’m still struggling to use Haunt effectively; getting a decent dot rotation running has not been easy, and the bosses I’ve met so far in the Wrath instances have not been dot friendly – they keep splitting up and summoning adds etc, which means my dps kind of sucks compared to everyone else’s burst damage.
    Will Blizzard ever like Affliction?

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