As some of you may have noticed, I have a new look happening.  I decided that the old look, while nice, was far too narrow and I felt like a change.  I think that this new look is a lot more vibrant and exciting, although there are still a couple of little issues which I have to fix – like working out how to make things sit in the centre of the widget squares, and getting rid of those slightly darker purple lines which are starting to annoy me.  Old posts refuse to format correctly for me, and are an unsightly mess of images and words squooshed all over the place.  I do still have the old theme, so it won’t be difficult to change back if I decide that I don’t like this one.

I must admit, I suspect that half the reason I changed the layout was to give me something other than herbing to do.  Naughty I know, but boy oh boy am I tired of picking flowers.  Picking flowers will be good procrastination later in the week when I should be doing uni work.  Funny how it all fits together like that!

I fiddled around in beta for a bit as well, and learnt a new lesson – don’t annoy the trees!  They are HUGE!!


8 Responses to “Yet Another Costume Change”
  1. Grats on the new look. Purple screams warlock, oddly enough, so it looks pretty slick and warlocky! :)

    Kadomis last blog post..Bye bye stance-dancing

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  2. The new layout is looking very nice. Like what Kadomi said, it looks very Warlocky.

    Tunas last blog post..WotLK: Build 9014 – No Damage on Deep Freeze

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  3. Very nice look…until you come 2 this to comment. YOu need to have a comment sot down under this right here so we can see the comments better. I love the theme still though. BTW i think warlocks are startin 2 come 2 you more and more. Check out the polls =).

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  4. Very nice new theme. I LOVE the dancing warlock at the top. :)

    Isisxotics last blog post..Ring Enchants for Enchanters Only

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  5. If I knew more I’d be able to move the comment form around… unfortunately, I would break the darn thing if I tried that. Thanks for the feedback though everyone!

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  6. Love the new layout! /jealous

    AfflicNics last blog post..Shift Happens!

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  7. I like the new look, very cute and sassy, so it fits your blog well :D

    Also, purple=warlock, as said in previous comments.

    I love the little skulls too, and I notice the complete lack of pink too ;)

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  8. You know what, I hope that tree had his way with you. After all the mean things you’ve said about our kind. :(


    Kalfurions last blog post..This one time, at Druid camp.

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