We all know now that Warlocks make the best lovers. The problem is, our legendary prowess scares off so many potential partners! Well, that and some nasty accidents that have happened – Sar got a bit too enthusiastic with her last partner and, ahem, kind of set him on fire. It wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t had left half his plate armor on and roasted inside. On the plus side, the hunters of the guild appreciated the contribution of some roast meat to their pet food supply. On the minus side, well… it has scared people off.

Well, now Sar has gotten a bit lonely. The problem is, she doesn’t know where to start looking. What class would be best suited to a Warlock? What class can ‘take the heat’? I have seen many reasons why other classes think they are superior lovers, but do they really have what it takes to hold up to the stamina and sheer fiery energy of a Warlock? Not to mention the ability to patch themselves up if things get a little out of hand…

Think that your class has what it takes to be with a Warlock? Give Sar a hand, help her find the class that is meant for her!


8 Responses to “Warlock Looking For Love”
  1. Resto Druid, problem solved.

    Kalfurions last blog post..Looking for Perfect Group, PST

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  2. Details, you noob, details! Eeeesh, all wood and no brain (one check against Resto Druid)

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  3. HEY! Don’t cheat! You know just as well as I do how awesome a Resto Druid can be for ANYthing! Our Hots can heal through all kinds of emotions, hence the ‘heal over time’. And if said Warlock should ever get low on energy, a quick innervate to boost her morale.

    Oh, btw, did I mention the stuff about being a master chef?

    Kalfurions last blog post..Looking for Perfect Group, PST

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  4. Paladins. We have protection, we have blessings, we have plenty of hands on the way in a few days, and I am master in first aid and cooking.

    Medross last blog post..More Views from the Beta

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  5. Shamans.

    You want someone who can last all night? We’ve got water shield and mana tide totems.

    In the mood for something a little rougher? Windfury.

    Looking to spice things up a little? We bring plenty of toys in the form of totems.

    Plus, we have heroism for that big finish, and Shamans are the masters of doggy style.

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  6. Bah, you’re looking for a mage, I can tell.
    What other class has a spell specifically designed to absorb fire damage?

    You like beaches? Baby, I take you to any beach in the world. The shores of Durotar, the sands of Tanaris, the Murloc ridden beaches of Lordaeron; all are mere seconds away.

    I don’t have a clue how to cook, but, I can summon any type of food you desire. Pie? Strudel? Cinnamon Rolls? You name it, I got it.

    And I’m fantastic at first aid, too, in case something odd should go wrong.

    Euripedess last blog post..BAST: WoW Killers

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  7. Please.

    All these nublets should know by now, the only true match for a Warlock.. is another Warlock. Everything you can do, I can do be–well, at least equally well, and that’s fantastic already, isn’t it?

    That, and there’s this whole cross-faction forbidden-love vibe to it.

    I promise not to prematurely rot.


    Queklains last blog post..Call for help: lrn(ing)2tank

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  8. No it has to be the pallies.
    1. fire protection
    2. We gots the stamina
    3. skilled with lay on hands
    4. if you crisp us a little to bad, bubble heal, back for more
    5. Blessing of the king, for both of us. extra stamina
    6. Personaly a good cook and top notch first aid (again good with the hands)
    7. half the fun will be trying to get him out of all the armor
    nuf said

    Hanhars last blog post..The forge aka work

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