Well, the big patch is going to hit very shortly.  Am I ready?  I think so!  If that isn’t enough herbs, I don’t know what will be! 


Honestly, I still don’t know whether I want the patch to come yet or not.  Sure, I am looking forward to levelling Inscription, but a part of me is also sad that I will miss out on a bear mount forever now.  Oh well!

Not much to report either I am afraid, being very tired and grouchy today means I have little to say.  I promise something at least resembling a half decent post will happen soon!

6 Responses to “The Calm Before the Storm”
  1. Dam that a lot of herbs! Do you really need THAT many? Lol and nice bank character level one female dwarf =P. The race no one likes! Sorry your having a bad day…there…there? Not much you can do to help some1 over the internet besides type stuff. No actual feeling or anything.

    But i digress…patchy! I just dont wanna be owned by those dam 7k critting ret pallies! That big of a crit should only belong to warlocks and mages!

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  2. I have about 1500 herbs so far, and will be gathering more between now and Wrath when I make my Death Knight.

    Medross last blog post..Top 5: Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

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  3. I wish I had a profession to level now. Since it seemed like everyone and their mother was going to do inscription, I figured SOMEONE had to be the alchemist. I’m it.

    I’m telling myself I didn’t want the darn bear anyway ’cause it has those crazy severed heads (of which race, I can’t tell) on them. /shiver

    Karines last blog post..2 down, ? to go

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  4. Wow, that’s a lot of herbs. :)

    I am a new subscriber, discovered your blog on Facebook’s Blog Networks app. I have a podcast/blog about WoW but it’s in Swedish (!) but you could always just check out the screenshots I have there. :) The URL is the one I entered in the Website field.

    Johan Nilssons last blog post..Johans wowcast: Avsnitt 2

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  5. And no mention about who helped you gather those herbs. /cry

    Kalfurions last blog post..Wintersaber grind. Done.

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  6. OK, OK. Thanks Kalf. That is all on that.

    On the herb quantities, so far I have just enough. I have used most every herb I have. Not sure why I levelled it, apart from my druid needing a crafting profession and this being convenient. :)

    @Johan Nice to meet you!!

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